2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

Quinquennial Awards Recognize Service to Hartwick College

December 11, 2012

On Wednesday, December 5, Hartwick College staff and employees gathered to honor their own for milestones in service to the College. The 2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration was held at 3:30 p.m. in the Foreman Gallery of the Anderson Center for the Arts on the College campus.

During the presentation, dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time dedicated to the College in five-year increments. "This is one of my favorite events of the entire year," said President Margaret L. Drugovich as she addressed the crowd of honorees. "Today, we get to celebrate your devotion to us, to our community and to our students."

2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

Drugovich also presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a "Streak of Blue" award, commissioned this year from Professor of Art and Sculptor in Residence Terry Slade.

Slade, who introduced his fused glass artworks before they were given to award recipients, explained how each set of circles on the pieces represent a year of service. In total, over 800 years of service to Hartwick College were being celebrated via the 2012 awards, said Slade.

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:

Ms. Linda Lofrumento, Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Nursing
Mr. George J. Elsbeck, Vice President for Finance
Mrs. Melissa Marietta, Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator
Ms. Patricia Dopazo, Director of Planned Giving
Dr. Marc E. Shaw, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Mr. Joseph Von Stengel, Associate Professor of Art & Art History
Mr. Paul K. Windrath, Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Coach Intern
Dr. Andrew Piefer, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Ms. Taralyn Loewenguth, Director Social Issues and Wellness Education
Mr. Paul S. Bliss, Associate Director of Annual Giving
Mr. Joseph Ficano, Assistant Director of Advising
Mrs. Alicia L. Fish, Senior Director of Donor and Alumni Relations
Ms. Donna Anderson, Coordinator of the Yager Museum of Art and Culture
Ms. Rachel E. Dell, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Mr. Matt Verni, Head Women's Soccer Coach
Ms. Gina M. Colone, Secretary Art Department & Foreman Gallery
Ms. Bernadette Roberts, Finance Office Assistant
Mr. Tony Beers, Aramark Facilities Services
Mr. John Keane, Aramark Food Services
Mr. Ricky Vroman, Aramark Food Services
Mr. Frederick Weldon, Aramark Food Services

Dr. Carol Silverberg, Lecturer in English
Dr. Vicki J. Howard, Associate Professor of History
Mr. David R. Heyduk, Library Acquisitions Manager
Dr. Mark R. Davies, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Karl H. Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics
Dr. KinHo Chan, Associate Professor of Psychology
Mrs. Shirley A. Georgia, Coordinator of Student Payroll
Ms. Cynthia L. Ploutz, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Ms. Kate Brooker Milano, P-T Admin Asst Cen for Prof, Service, & Global Engagement
Dr. Mark L. Kuhlmann, Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Mary E. Allen, Professor of Biology
Dr. Carlena K. Ficano, Professor of Economics
Dr. Jirka Kratochvil, Associate Professor of Music
Mr. Walter G. Smith, Technology Services Specialist
Mr. James J. Terwilliger, Telecommunications & Networking Technical Associate
Mrs. Jennifer Stewart, Associate Director of Communications for Publications
Mr. Howard M. Lichtman, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
Ms. Susan R. Carbone, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
Mr. Robert Kraus, Aramark Food Services

As recipients of longer-tenure Quinquennial Awards were announced, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the long work of each.

2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

Professor of Art History Dr. Elizabeth Ayer, Professor of English Dr. David C. Cody, Aramark Facilities Services Ms. Lindora B. Banks, Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Lloyd R. Sines, Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Steven M. Sperry, and Aramark Food Services Ms. Mary Platt were all honored for 20 years of service to the College.

In 1992, Dr. Elizabeth Ayer began teaching art courses at Hartwick. Though her primary research focus is on 13th-century Italian painting and the impact of Byzantine art and culture in the West, she has broadened Hartwick's curriculum with courses developed through her participation in summer seminars in Japan and Peru supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Meanwhile, over the last twenty years, she has taken students on J-term expeditions to Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Valencia, Granada, and Barcelona to name a few. She was also named the 2006 recipient of the Margaret B. Bunn Award for Distinguished Teaching and was praised for her dedication to Hartwick's students throughout the years.

Mary Platt has been the face of the Dining Services at Hartwick College for 20 years. Platt greets each student as they enter The Commons dining hall and comes to know most of the students by name before they graduate. She greets them in the mornings with a cheerfulness that does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by all. In fact, she gets to know so many of the students so well in their four years on campus that during Alumni weekend, there are always former students who take the time to stop by The Commons just to say hello to Platt.

She has been honored and presented with awards by several of the student organizations on campus for her commitment and her exemplary customer service throughout her time at Hartwick. In conclusion, Janitz shared that the front desk of the dining hall at Hartwick College is not the same when Platt is not there.

Lloyd Sines started working as a custodian in December of 1992, and currently works in Golisano, Oyaron and Hilltop buildings. Sines takes pride in ensuring these buildings are neat and clean at the start of each morning and is a very dedicated employee who is well-liked by his colleagues. Sines sets his standards high, does not complain, and serves as a role model employee. He has unwavering loyalty to Hartwick, and is extremely proud that his grandson, Tony Beers, is also currently working as a custodian for the College as well.

Professor of English Dr. David C. Cody, Aramark Facilities Services Ms. Lindora B. Banks, and Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Steven M. Sperry, were unable to attend the ceremony.

2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

Being honored for 25 years of service were Assistant Registrar Ms. Marcia Y. Saggese, Professor of Anthropology Dr. David W. Anthony, Professor of Psychology Dr. Lisa A. Onorato, Manager of Pine Lake Operations Mr. Peter G. Blue, Director of Enrollment Management Operations Mrs. Linda A. Wells, Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Kirk T. Bedford, and Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Gary E. Tompkins.

For the past 25 years, Peter Blue has been the eyes, ears, and persona of Pine Lake. In his capacity as resident manager and caretaker, he has mentored generations of Hartwick students on what it means to live simply, introduced countless members of Hartwick to contra dancing and folk music, and welcomed thousands of people to the beauty and essence that is Pine Lake.

As manager of operations, he has guided Pine Lake through its evolution as a model for small-scale sustainable living and learning, including natural buildings such as the Strawbale and Cob Houses, the 10kw PV system, and the composting toilets in the Vaudevillian. One of the most important points noted was that Blue has ensured that Pine Lake remains committed to the organizing principle and strategic framework of the College.

As stated from a recent Pine Lake graduate, "The most significant thing that Peter taught me was to work and to live with a sense of deep intentionality, to understand the value that our everyday actions take on when we are present to our work, and how that can be a gift that we offer to our community and our place."

Marcia Saggese applied for and was hired as Senior Clerk in the Registrar's Office, starting her career at Hartwick in November, 1987. Following several years of dedicated service, she was promoted to Assistant to the Registrar and Database Manager in 2001 before assuming her current role as Assistant Registrar in 2009. Saggese has remained dedicated to her craft and never wavered from her unflinching commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and going the extra mile for Hartwick College students.

Comments students have made about Saggese's welcoming attitude and her warm, nurturing presence in the Registrar's Office include: "Marcia is incredibly helpful, she always knows what to do to in any situation. She's always so pleasant and accommodating!" "Marcia always greets me with a smile and she's always incredibly nice." Beyond her work in the Registrar's Office, Saggese is the proud parent of Hartwick grad Sara Saggese '12 and a loving grandmother. Everyone in the Registrar's Office has grown to appreciate Saggese as a friend and trusted colleague. She is held in high esteem and she makes each day brighter with her smile and quick wit.

Enrollment Operations is the brain and central nervous system of Enrollment Management, and of the College's admissions communications program. Linda Wells has served as the Director of Enrollment Operations since July of 2010. In this capacity, she is responsible for maintaining the student database and the integrity of data for hundreds of thousands of student records, for the creation of standard and ad hoc reports related to ongoing research, for coordinated strategic communications tracking and for assistance with strategic enrollment planning. Prior to taking this position, Wells served as Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid, overseeing the processing of millions of loan dollars for students and families. In earlier years, she served as Director of Student Loans and Coordinator of Cash Management.

Wells cares about the work she does,with an uncompromising insistence on timeliness and accuracy. She is innovative, applying best practice in business process redesign to accommodate an ever-increasing number of student prospects and applicants.

Throughout her career at Hartwick, she has been a respected and respectful colleague, and someone who recognizes the dignity of all with whom she works. Equally important is that Wells has an ability to bring a smile to the faces of her coworkers, regardless of the situation.

Professor of Anthropology Dr. David W. Anthony, Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Kirk T. Bedford, Professor of Psychology Dr. Lisa A. Onorato and Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Gary E. Tompkins were unable to attend the ceremony.

2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

Being honored for 30 years of service were Professor of Spanish Dr. Mireille Vandenheuvel, Professor of Art Katharine A. Kreisher, Professor of English Dr. Thomas J. Travisano, Office Coordinator, Center for Professional, Service & Global Engagement Mrs. Gladys T. Freeland, Purchasing Manager Mrs. Marilyn E. Nienart, Faculty Secretary English/Theatre Arts/Psychology/Language Mrs. Janice C. Stankiewicz, and Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Stephen L. Shultis.

Gladys Freeland spent her first 12 years at Hartwick associated with the Office of Special Programs; organizing the highly popular summer programs - both at Pine Lake and on-campus - as well, as special program activities throughout the academic year. Starting in 1994, she became Coordinator of Operations for the Trustee Center for Professional Development and she is now Coordinator for the Center for Professional, Service, & Global Engagement.

Freeland's colleagues describe her as a personable, warm human being, a consummate professional, and a person with impeccable taste and a terrific sense of humor who is equally comfortable working with students, co-workers, faculty or members of the Board of Trustees. They praise her sincere caring for students and her loyalty to the College and the office. She is known and appreciated for being someone who, when you ask her to do something new or unexpected, would always do the best she could do - with a smile.

Katharine Kreisher received her MA and MFA from the State University of New York at Albany. She has directed the photography and printmaking programs at Hartwick since 1982. Before she started working at Hartwick, she ran the photography program at Emma Willard School for four years, where she also taught courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and modern dance. She also taught photography at SUNY Albany, Junior College of Albany and Union College in Schenectady. Kreisher's work has been exhibited at the 92nd Street YMCA, NYC, Puchong Gallery in New York and at the Women's Building in Los Angeles. She did an artist's residency at Millay Colony for the Arts in Austerliz, NY, and she received a Photographer's Fund Award from the Center for Photography at Woodstock, where she is represented in the collection. She has an extensive national exhibition record with shows in California, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania and New York City. Her work has also been included in exhibitions in New Zealand, Europe and Japan and is represented in numerous private and public collections nationally and internationally.

A portfolio of images from Kreisher's "Contemplating Peace" series is published in The Elements of Photography, a Focal Press textbook by Denver artist-educator Angela Faris-Belt, now in its second edition. During a recent sabbatical, her artist residency at RioBravoFineArt in Truth or Consequences, NM culminated in a solo exhibit called "Dream Desert" and this past April, she had an exhibit at the Dietel Gallery at the Emma Willard School entitled "Katherine Kreisher: So Far, So Good."

In her early years at Hartwick, Marilyn Nienart worked in the personnel and purchasing areas. As time progressed, she chose to concentrate in the purchasing area. She has worked tirelessly under deadlines to accommodate the needs of the various departments on campus. In December 2008, Nienart obtained her lifetime certification from the Institute for Supply Management and earned the CPM designation after her name.

Hartwick has been a big part of Nienart's life. She has been actively involved in student traffic court for many years. She and her daughter, Brooke Chilson '94, received their education from Hartwick. She met her husband, Larry, here. And at one point in time, her whole family, Larry, Brooke, son Mike Chilson and Marilyn, were employed by Hartwick. Even Iggy, their beloved pet iguana, was a member of the Hartwick community before he was adopted by Nienart and her husband.

Stephen Shultis serves as a Handyman and is always willing to do what is asked of him. The dictionary describes a handyman as one who does odd jobs. While this may be true, the definition for Shultis, Handyman should read, "the guy who can do absolutely anything incredibly well." Whenever there is a need for a job which will produce excellent craftsmanship, it ends up in the hands of Shultis. It cannot be overstated that his work is impeccable, as is his service to the College. His loyalty and commitment to his work and the students is unwavering. Shultis is always willing to help others and is well liked and respected by his co-workers.

Jan Stankiewicz is the jewel in the crown for all Clark Hall faculty members in the departments of English and Theatre Arts, Modern and Classical Languages, and Psychology. Over her thirty years of service in administrative support for the academic mission of the College, Stankiewicz has worked in four different buildings for many departments, and during summers served as the sole faculty secretary for the campus for twenty years. Stankiewicz, in conjunction with fellow honoree Dr. Tom Travisano, has served the longest in the English and Theatre Arts program, and the department is proud to call her one of their own.

In her small room on Clark Hall's second floor, Stankiewicz operates a busy information and publication center, including a small office supply and ordering depot; a word processing creation and retrieval service for syllabi, assignments, letters of reference, research and other scholarly manuscripts, a telephone and fax service, an emergency copy service, and perhaps most treasured of all, a paycheck delivery system par excellence. She supervises a student work force of two, keeping them not only busy, but loyal, and coming back year after year. In fact, she still hears from students she worked with as far back as the early 1980s.

In her office, she is surrounded by photographs of Elvis, and four family members who are also Hartwick graduates, including her late and greatly missed son John (Nursing '87), her daughter-in-law Margaret (Nursing '96), her daughter Jill (Management '91), and granddaughter Emily (English '07). She has enjoyed working not only with students but with the generations of professors that she regards as "my faculty."

Dr. Tom Travisano arrived in 1983 fresh from the University of Virginia with a dissertation on Elizabeth Bishop, a truckload of books, and his wife Elsa. Thirty years later, that work in Bishop became his first of many books, editions, and anthologies that have earned praise from admiring reviewers in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and a host of literary journals.

Travisano's first book was soon joined by another, a study of the poets' circle that included Bishop, Lowell, Jarrell and Berryman; an edition of essays on American women poets; and a groundbreaking, three-volume anthology of American poetry from Rutgers University Press. He recently published the widely celebrated edition, Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2008). As an author and scholar, and as co-founder and first president of the Elizabeth Bishop Society, he has helped define her as a major American poet in the Twentieth Century.

Travisano teaches an array of modern and contemporary American literature courses, as well as a creative writing course in non-fiction. His teaching is informed by his scholarship, and he puts Hartwick's motto of Liberal Arts in Practice into practice. Travisano is at present the chair of the Department of English and Theatre Arts and has been twice named the Babcock Professor of English.

Mirielle Vandenheuvel is, as of this year, beginning her process of phased retirement. It is hard for the faculty in the Modern Languages department to see her leave. Vandenheuvel is above all a creative and fearless professor. She is never afraid of any challenges and she confronts them all with an enviable disposition and impeccable professionalism.

In the 30 years that Vandenheuvel has worked at Hartwick, she has served as a mentor to her students and fellow professors. She is an inspiration for all in terms of the quality of her teaching, the high standards she sets for students, and the innovation she provides as an endless source of resources, ideas, encouragement, guidance and leadership. She has served the Modern Languages department not only as a professor, friend and adviser but also as department chair. Although her presence at Hartwick will be reduced, Vandenheuvel will still contribute invaluably to the success of the Modern Languages programs.

Marking 35 years of service to the college was Aramark Facilities Services Mr. Robert H. Gardner, who was unable to attend.

2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration

To culminate the event, Aramark Facilities Services Office Manager Anne Moriarty was introduced, who recently marked 40 years of service to the college. As a recent graduate of Cazenovia College, Moriarty came to Hartwick in 1972. Since her arrival, she has served her department in addition to Athletics during Soccer, Football and Basketball seasons. Moriarty has also registered alumni and guests during Homecoming and Parents Weekends, worked on Staff Council and the Athletic Hall of Fame, and has celebrated with senior students as she worked "One-to-Go."

Most cherished about Moriarty has been her devotion to the College, in particular, and her service to the community. Many of us know her for her work with the Clothing Guild, LEAF Council, and Properties of Merit, and many have been surprised on a November morning to come and find their Dollars for Scholars Christmas wreath already delivered to their offices.

To conclude her speech, Janitz shared that Moriarty's commitment to Hartwick, her department, students, co-workers and her friends is unwavering.

Reflecting upon her past 40 years of service dedicated to the College, Moriarty told the crowd of her love for Hartwick, and thanked those in attendance for the recognition.

For more information, contact Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz at 607-431-4319 or at

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