Quinquennial Awards To Recognize Service to Hartwick

November 19, 2013

Hartwick College will host its 2013 Quinquennial Awards Celebration from 4:00 - 6:30 pm on Wednesday, December 4 in the Foreman Gallery, Anderson Center for the Arts. The annual event recognizes milestones in faculty and staff service to the College.

Those scheduled to be honored this year include:

Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Mr. David Crandall, Utility Worker - Food Services
Mrs. Christine D. Cumming, Instructor - Private Lessons
Dr. Jason L. Curley, Assistant Professor of Music
Mrs. Cathleen Deleski, Administrative Assistant in Nursing
Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich D.M., President
Ms. Brianna Dumond
, Custodian - Facilities
Ms. Amanda Finch, Production Cook - Food Services
Mr. Chris Gondek, Assistant Director - Athletics Communication
Mr. Sean Halsey, Production Café Worker - Food Services
Ms. Denise Kane, Custodian - Facilities
Ms. Malissa A. Kano-White, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Ms. Kimberley L. Lindsley, Human Resources Coordinator
Mr. Andrew McCall, Production Cook - Food Services
Ms. Deanna L. Meadowcroft, Library Circulation Manager
Dr. Johanna E. Mitchell, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Meg C. Nowak, Vice President for Student Affairs
Mr. Emanuel Pelligra, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Dr. Theodore D. Peters, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Ms. Carrie A. Rosengren, Coordinator of Alumni Support Services
Ms. Stephanie Rozene, Assistant Professor of Art
Dr. Robert H. Seguin, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Matthew Voorhees, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Mr. Daniel Vroman, Utility Worker - Food Services
Ms. Minghui Wang, Director of Institutional Research
Ms. Melissa A. West, Head Women's Basketball Coach

Ms. Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton, Archivist, Records Manager and Information Literacy Librarian
Mr. Richie Borggreen, Custodian - Facilities
Ms. Lori Button, Front of the House Worker - Food Services
Ms. Charlene Eklund, Catering Support Supervisor - Food Services
Mrs. Leah M. Elwood
, Assistant to the Registrar & Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Mr. Dale Harp, Supervisor - Food Services
Mr. Eric Hendrickson, Custodian - Facilities
Mr. Alan Huckins, Head Women's Water Polo Coach
Mrs. Carla J. Kinser, Executive Assistant to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Anne M. Kramer, Cashier/Bookkeeper
Mr. Duncan M. Macdonald, Director of Alumni Engagement & Wick Athletic Association Events
Mr. Chris Rowe, Receiver/Utility Worker - Food Services
Mr. John H. Sienkiewicz, Systems Manager
Mrs. Tammy M. Sweeney, Senior Dispatcher

Mrs. Jane E. Bachman, Associate Director of Student Success
Dr. Mark S. Erickson, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Mr. Dan Kendall, Baker - Food Services
Dr. Cherilyn M. Lacy, Professor of History
Mr. Rene M. Mule, Technical Assistant in Physics
Dr. Mieko Nishida, Professor of History
Ms. Ruth Snow, Custodian - Facilities
Mrs. Tammy P. Sousa, Head Equestrian Coach
Ms. Patricia Tuller, Tradeswoman - Facilities

Mrs. Regina G. Baker, Director of Student Accounts
Mr. Mark M. Carr, Head Coach of Football
Mrs. Nancy C. Boulin-Golden, Visual Resources Curator/Exhibit Coordinator for the Foreman Gallery
Mr. Douglas D. Konu, Athletic Trainer
Mr. Harry B. Matthews, Associate Dean and Director US Pluralism Programs
Mrs. Andrea J. Pontius, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Ms. Kristin M. Reuter, Cataloging Specialist
Mr. Robby Robbins, Carpenter - Facilities
Mr. Thomas Worden, Electrician - Facilities

Mrs. Dawn E. Baker, Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Mr. Brett Bentley, Custodian - Facilities
Mr. Davis B. Conley, Executive Director of Information Technology
Mrs. Colmin J. Gajadar, System Manager
Dr. Stephen H. Markuson, Lecturer in Music
Ms. Anna M. Meyer, Field Hockey Coach
Dr. Lawrence Nienart, Professor of Physics
Dr. Lynn A. Strano, Professor of Psychology

Mr. Kenneth H. Golden, Professor of Theatre Arts
Mr. Stephen A. Kolenda, Professor of Business Administration and Accounting
Ms. Mary-Anne Ross, Instructor - Private Lessons
Mr. Terry L. H. Slade, Sculptor in Residence and Professor of Art

Dr. Robert R. Bensen, Professor of English
Mrs. Janet W. Bresee, Adjunct Instructor in Dance and Physical Education
Dr. Robert C. Gann, Professor of Computer and Information Science and Physics
Mrs. Deb B. Hilts, Director of Information Systems Services & Associate Director of Information Technology
Mr. Thomas G. Sears, Professor of Accounting and Business Administration

For more information, contact Director of Human ResourcesSuzanne Janitz at 607-431-4319 or at

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