Quinquennial Awards will Recognize Service to Hartwick

November 26, 2012

Hartwick College will host its 2012 Quinquennial Awards Celebration at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 5 in the Foreman Gallery of the Anderson Center for the Arts. The annual event recognizes milestones in faculty and staff service to the College.

Those scheduled to be honored this year include:

Ms. Linda Lofrumento, Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Nursing
Mr. George J. Elsbeck, Vice President for Finance
Mrs. Melissa Marietta, Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator
Ms. Patricia Dopazo, Director of Planned Giving
Dr. Marc E. Shaw, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Mr. Joseph Von Stengel, Associate Professor of Art & Art History
Mr. Paul K. Windrath, Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Coach Intern
Dr. Andrew Piefer, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Ms. Taralyn Loewenguth, Director Social Issues and Wellness Education
Mr. Paul S. Bliss, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Mr. Joseph Ficano, Assistant Director of Advising
Mrs. Alicia L. Fish, Senior Director of Donor and Alumni Relations
Ms. Donna Anderson, Coordinator of the Yager Museum of Art and Culture
Ms. Rachel E. Dell, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Mr. Matt Verni, Head Women's Soccer Coach
Ms. Gina M. Colone, Secretary Art Department & Foreman Gallery
Ms. Bernadette Roberts, Finance Office Assistant
Mr. Tony Beers, Aramark Facilities Services
Mr. John Keane, Aramark Food Services
Mr. Ricky Vroman, Aramark Food Services
Mr. Frederick Weldon, Aramark Food Services

Dr. Carol Silverberg, Lecturer in English
Dr. Vicki J. Howard, Associate Professor of History
Mr. David R. Heyduk, Library Acquisitions Manager
Dr. Mark R. Davies, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Karl H. Seeley, Associate Professor of Economics
Dr. KinHo Chan, Associate Professor of Psychology
Mrs. Shirley A. Georgia, Coordinator of Student Payroll
Ms. Cynthia L. Ploutz, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Ms. Kate Brooker Milano, P-T Admin Asst Cen for Prof, Service, & Global Engagement
Dr. Mark L. Kuhlmann, Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Mary E. Allen, Professor of Biology
Dr. Carlena K. Ficano, Professor of Economics
Dr. Jirka Kratochvil, Associate Professor of Music
Mr. Walter G. Smith, Technology Services Specialist
Mr. James J. Terwilliger, Telecommunications & Networking Technical Associate
Mrs. Jennifer Stewart, Associate Director of Communications for Publications
Mr. Howard M. Lichtman, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
Ms. Susan R. Carbone, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
Mr. Robert Kraus, Aramark Food Services

Dr. Elizabeth Ayer, Professor of Art History
Dr. David C. Cody, Professor of English
Ms. Lindora B. Banks, Aramark Facilities Services
Mr. Lloyd R. Sines, Aramark Facilities Services
Mr. Steven M. Sperry, Aramark Facilities Services
Ms. Mary Platt, Aramark Food Services

Ms. Marcia Y. Saggese, Assistant Registrar
Dr. David W. Anthony, Professor of Anthropology
Dr. Lisa A. Onorato, Professor of Psychology
Mr. Peter G. Blue, Manager of Pine Lake Operations
Mrs. Linda A. Wells, Director of Enrollment Management Operations
Mr. Kirk T. Bedford, Aramark Facilities Services
Mr. Gary E. Tompkins, Aramark Facilities Services

Dr. Mireille Vandenheuvel, Professor of Spanish
Professor Katharine A. Kreisher, Professor of Art
Dr. Thomas J. Travisano, Professor of English
Mrs. Gladys T. Freeland, Office Coordinator, Cen for Prof, Service & Global Engagement
Mrs. Marilyn E. Nienart, Purchasing Manager
Mrs. Janice C. Stankiewicz, Faculty Secretary English/Theatre Arts/Psychology/Language
Mr. Stephen L. Shultis, Aramark Facilities Services

Mr. Robert H. Gardner, Aramark Facilities Services

Ms. Anne Moriarty, Aramark Facilities Services Office Manager

For more information, contact Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz at 607-431-4319 or at

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