PSGE Takes Shape to Aid Students

April 6, 2011

Beginning January 2011, the former Center for Experiential and Integrative Learning (CE&IL), housed on the first floor of Golisano Hall, began the soft-launch phase of its transformation to the Center for Professional, Service, and Global Engagement (PSGE or "passage"). The change does not simply reflect a new acronym; rather, PSGE is a reconfiguration of functions that facilitate how Hartwick students engage in co-curricular experiences that will inform their post-college pursuits.

In a departure from the previous CE&IL model, which served as a broad umbrella for a variety of programs, PSGE focuses on a smaller number of critical resume-building involvements including career services, service learning, and global education. 

"Without a doubt, the conception and rollout of PSGE has been the greatest challenge since my arrival at Hartwick last August," said Teresa DiMagno, Executive Director of the PSGE Center. "It was so important to the College's administration, to me, and to the staff that we created a center and a corresponding name that would be memorable and that would provide a one-stop exploratory process for Hartwick students to learn about and sample an array of experiential opportunities."

For students and faculty, PSGE is a resource for job-shadowing experiences (such as MetroLink), internships, community-based service learning, career information, jobs, alternatives to employment, general graduate school advising, scholarships and fellowships (such as Duffy and Emerson), J Term programs, semester-long study abroad, and international student services. 

"Viewed collectively, the PSGE programs and services form an important constellation in support of the College's organizing principle of melding the liberal arts and experiential learning," said Michael Tannenbaum, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  "It is also remarkable that no other college or university in the country appears to have this particular constellation; that is, Hartwick is the first to test and implement these synergies."

And what of the acronym itself--PSGE--that is referred to phonetically as "passage?"  DiMagno explained that she and Tannenbaum collaborated over weeks and dozens of acronyms before agreeing on this one. 

"We both wanted a name that, unlike CE&IL, would be easy to remember and meaningful to all Hartwick constituents, particularly students and alumni.  Passage serves as a powerful metaphor for the types of journeys and changes that students experience here and beyond as they transition from high school to college, from the classroom to the community, from an internship to a career, from the United States to countries around the world, and from a student to a graduate, to name just a few of the passages we witness."

Over the spring semester, students, faculty, staff, and visitors will see progressive changes--signage, office layout, Web presence, and printed materials--indicating the PSGE Center is becoming a reality. While most of the campus was not aware of the transition to PSGE, a small group of students did know the inside scoop, given their positions as student assistants in the center. 

"I wish PSGE existed as PSGE when I first arrived on campus," said Rachele Anderson '12, a Biology major and Math minor who intends to pursue veterinary school. "First off, it's much easier to say than CE&IL.  But more than that, PSGE is a hub that all students should get to know from the moment they choose Hartwick. These days, jobs and graduate school require a lot of information and planning, as does going abroad. Why should students pursue these paths on their own when the PSGE staff are already experts?"

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