Hartwick Recognizes Length of Service with New ‘Streak of Blue’ Award

December 10, 2009

On Wednesday, December 9, the Hartwick College community took part in a traditional ceremony with a new, blue twist, as College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich inaugurated the “Streak of Blue” Award to recognize length of service to the College.

During the annual Quinquennial Awards ceremony—which honors Hartwick employees’ longevity in five-year increments—Drugovich announced that all those recognized for having contributed 15 years or more to the institution would receive “an original work of art by a member of the Art Department that contains a streak of blue, created especially with the recipient in mind.”

"The Streak of Blue Award celebrates the deep vein of commitment to the College that runs within each of us who chooses, from the world of options available, to stay at Hartwick and dedicate our efforts to its improvement," Drugovich said in announcing the award.

For the inaugural Streak of Blue Awards, Resident Artist Erik Halvorson hand-crafted a series of exquisite glass objects to honor Hartwick employees’ commitment to the College, which uses blue as its primary color.

Those who marked the 15th anniversary of their joining the College received an egg-shaped “footed paperweight” with a bright blue swirl; 20-year recipients enjoyed a modified version of the paperweight; 25-year honorees were feted with a deep blue hourglass; and 30-year veterans a large stylized pencil. For those who contributed 35 years, a vase festooned with blue roses was offered; and a large, deep blue vase with an attached, hand-made pendant or jewel was offered to those who were honored as 40-year members of the Hartwick community.

“The Streak of Blue Award is a wonderful way to recognize those who have given so much to our college and our students through the years,” said Suzanne Janitz, Hartwick’s Director of Human Resources. “The gifts are beautiful, and it is fitting that we honor such important contributions in a meaningful way.”

Those honored for the longest Hartwick tenure in five-year increments include 40-year veterans Technical Services Assistant Constance Losie and Assistant Director of Athletics Betty Powell; 35-year recipients Academic Affairs Secretary Kathleen Amatucci, Professor of Mathematics Gary Stevens, Professor of Mathematics Ronald Brzenk, Professor of Geology Robert Titus, and Aramark Facilities employee Peter Gage; and 30-year honorees Professor of Political Science Mary Vanderlaan and Security Officer Michael Syron.

For the full list of 2009 Quinquennial Award recipients, visit

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