Quinquennial Awards Honor Length of Service to Hartwick

December 8, 2011

On Wednesday, December 7, the Hartwick College community gathered to honor its own, with the annual Quinquennial Awards presentation for length of service.

Dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time at the College in five-year increments. President Margaret L. Drugovich presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a "Streak of Blue" award, commissioned this year from Professor of Art Katherine Kreisher, who specializes in photography.

"Today, we gather for the express purpose of celebrating those individuals who choose to spend their time doing good work for our students," Drugovich said. "This is one of my favorite events of the year, because today we celebrate you — those of you who have made this enduring commitment to Hartwick and to Hartwick students."

Kreisher, who introduced each of her pieces before they were given to award recipients, said of her process: "I found that this was just an incredible experience, because I realized I was making things for people I've done so much important work with for so many years."

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:

Jason L. Stanton, Tutor/The Loft Coordinator
Darlene A. McCarthy, Senior Operations Specialist
Bert G. Tobiason, Campus Safety Officer
Barbara G. Hein, Public Services Assistant
Jason Jameson, Advancement Analyst
Emily Ernsberger, Director of Annual Giving & Parent Relations
Brent N. DeLanoy, Visiting Assistant Professor of English
J. Jeremy Wisnewski, Associate Professor of Philosophy
John Dudek, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Parker Troischt, Assistant Professor of Physics
Lynda Clark, Office Manager for the Department of Music
Barry Tobiason, Campus Safety Officer
Jill L. (McIntyre) Basile, Assistant Director of Residential Life
Adam Martin, Dispatcher
E. Tracy Anderson, Computer Repair Technician
Thomas P. Kelly Jr., Director of Campus Safety
James J. O'Donnell, Campus Safety Officer
Christopher Lott, Associate Writer
Joseph B. Hitchcock, Production- Food Services - Aramark
Earl MacDonald, Facilities - Aramark

Daphne M. Ward, Executive Assistant to V.P. for Institutional Advancement
Richard L. Benner, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Peter T. Fauth, Associate Professor of Biology
Lisa Darien, Associate Professor of English
Sean M. Kelley, Associate Professor of History
Stefanie A. Rocknak, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Heidi L. Hofbauer-Buzzy, Athletic Trainer
Zachary D. Brown, Director of Residential Life
Donna M. Johnson, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Eva Acosta, Production- Food Services - Aramark

Cynthia J. Hubbard, Faculty Secretary Golisano Hall
J. Michael Friery Jr., Reference Librarian
Jeanne M. E. Havener, Associate Professor of Nursing
Erik J. Halvorson, Resident Artist in Art/Hot Glass
Susan M. Young, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Suzanne L. Janitz, Director of Human Resources
Jamie L. Jones, Office Manager/Department Secretary - Athletics
Deborah D. Woodham, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance
Cynthia K. Decker, Technical Assistant in Chemistry

As recipients of longer-tenure Quinquennial Awards were announced, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the long work of each. Assistant to the Dean Karen L. Adolfsen and Professor of Religious Studies Gary A. Herion were honored for their 20 years of service to the College.

Karen Adolfsen began her career at Hartwick as the administrative assistant in the museums. In 1990, she began serving as the assistant director of the New York State Music Camp, and in 1994, she earned her degree in English at Hartwick College. In 1998, Karen was appointed Office Manager and Coordinator of Secondary Education, and the following year became the Assistant to the VP for Institutional Advancement. Beginning in 2000, she became the Assistant Director of Annual Giving and eventually became the Director of Annual Giving.  Karen subsequently moved to the position of Associate Director of Financial Aid & Affordability in the summer of 2003, and then to Associate Director of Admissions in 2006. She coordinated the Blue Key tour guide program, as well as many on-campus admissions events.  

Karen moved upstairs from Admissions to Academic Affairs, becoming the Assistant to the Dean in June 2008. She supports the work of Academic Affairs in a variety of functions, especially coordinating the hiring of adjunct faculty, keeping an eye on budgets, and supporting the College Honors Program. Her helpful spirit and keen eye for detail have been valuable assets to Hartwick College.

Throughout Gary Herion's 20 years at Hartwick, he has successfully translated the challenging and technical discipline of biblical studies into courses, articles, lectures, and community forums that are accessible and engaging. Gary was an editor of the Anchor Bible Dictionary published in 1992, which is regarded as the best reference source on biblical topics available in English. He also edited a recent volume on the lectures of his academic mentor, George Mendenhall, Ancient Israel's Faith and History: An Introduction to the Bible in Context (2001). In the classroom, Gary continues to widen the scope of his teaching. He now offers a variety of courses on the three great monotheistic traditions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — as well as a course on the way Hollywood films reinterpret biblical stories.

In addition, fans of the local theater scene will attest to Gary's skill as a "song and dance" man. Gary is not only a leader in the classroom; he also brings his students to the world. During his tenure at Hartwick, Gary has developed and led J Term courses to Israel and Egypt. These courses allow him the opportunity to share his passion for teaching with students in an intimate experiential setting.

Also receiving a 20-Year Award, but unable to attend, was Library Secretary Claudette Champlin.

Honored for 25 years of service were Professor of Sociology Reid M. Golden, Senior Programmer/Analyst Karin S. Gann, and Facilities-Aramark's Glenn Smith. Only Golden was able to attend the ceremony.

Reid Golden joined Hartwick as a Sociology professor in 1986, when Sociology and Anthropology were still one department. As Chair of the Academic Computing Committee, Reid oversaw the modernization of Hartwick's computer systems — including the computerization of the library, the installation of the VAX mainframe, new equipment in the PC labs, and PCs for every professor. In 1993, adding to his teaching responsibilities, Reid became Coordinator of the Educational Technology Initiative, and the following year also was the College Retention Officer. In 1995, he was appointed Associate Dean for Academic Services, and in 1998 became the Dean of Student Life. During this time, he formalized and instituted a number of policies and procedures that provided better support and accountability for students.

Reid remained the Dean of Student Life through spring 2002; however, he never gave up on his first passion — sociology and teaching students — despite numerous attempts to coax him back into administrative roles. Throughout his time in student life, Reid continued to teach at least one course a year in the Sociology Department. In 2002, he took an administrative sabbatical to retool and return to teaching. In the fall 2003, the Sociology Department welcomed Reid back "with open arms." During this time, and despite the efforts of his co-workers to "hide" him in the department, the faculty of the College and the administration never lost sight of the resources and experience Reid contributes to any issue. Since returning to the Sociology Department, he has been tapped to serve as co-chair of the Middle States Steering Committee and, most recently, as Faculty Chair. Reid's passion for students and teaching, combined with his and his talent for administrative work, brings out the best in him. With numerous competing demands, Reid has continued his high standards of teaching, taking students on J Term trips to Ireland, and has been a wonderful colleague and contributor to his department.  

Marking 30 years at Hartwick were Dean of Academic Affairs L. Gerald Hunsberger, Director of Food Services-Aramark Richard Accordino, and Facilities-Aramark's Larry A. Sawyer. Sawyer was unable to attend.

Thirty years ago, Gerry Hunsberger joined Hartwick's Math Department as a topologist — someone who studies the art and science of shapes and tasked to forms that are superficially different, yet fundamentally alike. Gerry developed Math 110-Problem Solving with Recreational Math (although some might think "Recreational Math" is an oxymoron) and Math 200-Problem Solving with Calculus.

The rumor that he became the Registrar in 2001 because he lost a golf match to Gary Stevens has not yet been verified. In 2004, Gerry accepted the appointment as Dean of Academic Affairs. He brings many assets to his administrative role, including faculty experience, mathematical skills, in-depth knowledge of the registrar's office, experience writing advanced queries in Datatel, and an even temperament and terrific moderation skills. Office mates also report that he makes a fabulous deep-dish pizza.

Gerry also plays the French horn and was at one time a member of the Dingbats, which gave a "concert" at a Faculty Talent Show. Gerry especially relishes being a grandfather, even when that means babysitting duties at night and on weekends.

Rick Accordino has worked in all aspects of dining services and has seen the campus expand and change throughout his 30-year tenure at Hartwick. His greatest passion in his career is operations management, a role in which he excelled for more than 17 years as Associate Food Service Director. He started in production and worked his way up to Food Service Director, a position he's held for the past six years.

Rick has been an integral part of the transformations made to The Commons, Table Rock, and Dewar Hall in general. He has overseen the dedication of many of the campus' buildings and jokes about serving out of wheelbarrows when Anderson Center was being built. He was one of the founders of the traditional Last Day of Classes Bash and always considers the Hartwick student to be the topmost priority.

Rick met his wife, Jill Karen, at Hartwick, and they hosted their wedding on campus, as well. He has a deep connection to the College and is very proud to have served this institution through four College presidents for three decades.

Secretary to Financial Aid Andria A. Jipson was honored for serving Hartwick for 35 years.

Andria Jipson joined Hartwick College in 1976 as a typist in the library. Since 1980, she has served as a Clerk and then the Secretary for the Financial Aid Office. Ann also assists in the critical function of maintaining Admissions files. When asked about Ann's contributions to Hartwick, her supervisor, Melissa Allen, said: "The entire Enrollment Management team looks to Ann for her knowledge and experience. She is incredibly efficient and is always seeking ways to improve procedures and the general workflow of the office."

Her contributions to the Financial Aid office and to the College are invaluable. Her colleagues commend her for her dedication to Hartwick over the past 35 years, and her innate ability to grow with technology within the ever-changing field of Financial Aid.  

Celebrated for 40 years at Hartwick were Director of Payrolls Christine L. Utter, Professor of Psychology Jeffrey A. Goldman, Professor of Philosophy Stanley J. Konecky, and Gift Processing Coordinator Donna W. Pashley. Goldman was unable to attend.

Stan Konecky's expertise in 19th and 20th century continental philosophy and the existential movement made him a welcome addition to the Hartwick Philosophy Department in 1971.  Throughout his 40 years at Hartwick, Stan has been involved. He served as coordinator of the Living/Learning Center in both 1976 and 1978.

Under his leadership in 1976, the center offered courses and programs that allowed students an opportunity to be free of traditional modes of learning. In addition, Stan has served as chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as being a member of critical committees and task forces, including Faculty Council, and the Committee on Appointments, Tenure and Promotion. Even now, his presence and contributions at faculty meetings are valuable because of the history he brings to the table.

Stan continues to teach a wide range of courses, including Ancient and Modern Periods, Existentialism, Philosophy in Literature, and Philosophy of Mind. Stan expresses the desired outcome of his teaching is to get his students "to recognize and to question their own uncritically accepted assumptions."  He continues to do so quite effectively.   

Donna Pashley came to Hartwick directly out of high school. She began her career July 16, 1971, as Secretary to the Director of Alumni Affairs. Since 2005, Donna has served as the Gift Processing Coordinator and receives all gifts through the College's Advancement Office.

Donna's job requires a high level of donor sensitivity and knowledge of technical gift processing and reporting protocols. Her understanding of the laws governing philanthropy, and gift accounting standards and ethics, are critical to the Development Office.

During her 40 years at Hartwick, Donna has seen the arrival of fax and copy machines, computers, the implementation of the AS400, desktop and laser printers, CD Roms, modems, voicemail, and Datatel.    

Chris Utter took to heart two important lessons Robert Brown taught her: accuracy and customer service. Has there ever been a time when Chris didn't answer her phone or respond quickly to an e-mail? And even if she had a thousand things to do and the line to see her was out the front door, she never made you feel as if anything was more important than you and your payroll question.  She would cheerfully go through the paperwork for your fourth change of deductions or direct deposit just as she did the first time.

Chris has worked with many different colleagues over these years: Mr. Brown, Jim Foster, Penny Gentile, Judy Bernhardt, and currently Shirley Georgia. Amidst changes in software, federal and state tax withholding changes, changes in benefit plans, retroactive pay increases, merit pay, across-the-board increases, equity pay, even changing how we were paid from twice a month to bi-weekly — she's had to handle it all, and our paychecks were always ready on Fridays. It has been and continues to be quite an accomplishment.

In the event's climax, Facilities-Aramark's Joan A. Utter was honored for a remarkable 45 years at Hartwick College.

Joan started working at Hartwick in 1966 as a custodian in Saxton Hall, where she continued working until 2002. Presently, she works all over campus. "Joan has always loved her job, the campus, students, staff, and faculty. It is an understatement to say that Joan is a dedicated and dependable employee. Not only does she go above and beyond to make sure that families get a good impression when arriving on campus, but she sets her standards high and goes the extra mile to make sure things are easier and better for her fellow workers."

Although Joan is generally quiet and reserved, when asked for her opinion, she will comfortably speak her mind and shines with her intelligence and grasp of many subjects. Joan has quite the sense of humor that bridges all walks of life. Her unfailing dedication to Hartwick College is obvious to all those who encounter her.

Following the award presentation, Drugovich told Utter: "I don't think there is a single person on this campus that is as well met, well liked, and well appreciated as you. How proud I am to be the President who stands here today to congratulate you."

Reflecting upon her 45 years, Utter joked with the crowd: "I love all the people here — most of them, most of the time. I really do love the kids; I always have. They never cease to amaze me."

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