Quinquennial Awards To Recognize Service to Hartwick

November 20, 2009

Hartwick College will host its 2009 Quinquennial Awards Celebration at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 9 in Stack Lounge, Dewar Union. The annual event recognizes milestones in faculty and staff service to the College.

Those scheduled to be honored this year include:

Five Years of Service

  • Cara Nichols, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Gary Burlew Jr., Instructor in Technical Theatre
  • Ann Burgin, Men's & Women's Diving Coach
  • Kathleen Traynor, Administrative Assistant - Admissions
  • Min Chung, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Jason Antrosio, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • David Griffing, Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Sciences
  • Dereck Treadwell, Head Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Coach
  • Allison Green, Director Leadership Development and Greek Life
  • Rachel Cobstill, Administrative Assistant to the Cenenter for Experiential & Integrative Learning
  • Dan Morse, Program Coordinator for the Pine Lake Environmental Campus
  • Adrienne Gohde, Art Department Technical Assistant
  • Brent Beadle, Aramark Food Services
  • Dale Harp, Aramark Food Services
  • Kathleen Wenck, Aramark Food Services- Office Supervisor
  • Meg Shivers, Aramark Food Services- Catering Manager
  • Preston Spathelf, Aramark Food Services
  • Tammy Barriger, Aramark Facilities
  • Patricia Terry, Aramark Facilities
  • Victor Umbach, Aramark Facilities

10 Years of Service

  • Suzanne Gaynor, Director of Training and Faculty Technology Support
  • Nancy Martin-Mathewson, Business Manager - The Yager Museum of Art & Culture
  • Kathleen Bentley, Associate Registrar
  • Marianne Poteet, Development Assistant
  • Mark Wolff, Associate Professor of French
  • Susan Navarette, Professor of English
  • Lisle Dalton, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
  • Laurel Elder, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Esperanza Roncero, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Eric Johnson, Associate Professor of Geology
  • Elisabeth Smith, Head Equestrian Coach
  • Laura Malloy, Professor of Biology
  • Sharon Conrow, Operations Specialist
  • William Bjorness, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
  • Cindy Smith, Aramark Facilities
  • Kurt Sheldon, Aramark Facilities - Custodial Manager

15 Years of Service

  • David Clapp, Supervisor of Campus Security & Safety
  • Stephanie Brunetta, Web Content Manager
  • Brooke Chilson, Sales Manager in Hartwick Humanities in Management Institute
  • Ann Carman, Assistant Director of Advancement Services
  • Gary Robinson, Director of Counseling Services
  • Michael Woost, Professor of Anthropology
  • Lori Collins-Hall, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Allen Crooker Jr., Associate Professor of Biology
  • Gerri Haan, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life
  • Nancy Lehtonen, Director of Financial Management Services and Controller
  • Tammy Babcock, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Mary Wrench, Aramark Food Services
  • Steve West, Aramark Facilities
  • Ken Stiles, Aramark Facilities
  • Linda Robinson, Aramark Facilities
  • Ana Albu, Aramark Facilities

20 Years of Service

  • Lynnette Hitchcock, Director of Telecommunications & Document Management Services
  • Sally Leonard, Nurse
  • Priscilla Wightman, CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Kim Noling, Professor of English
  • Stanley Sessions, Professor of Biology
  • Robert Hunt, Technical Assistant in Biology

25 Years of Service

  • Kathleen Beach, Director of Publications
  • Elanor Spranger, Circulation & Reserves Specialist
  • Peter Wallace, Professor of History
  • Charlie Whitmore, Aramark Facilities

30 Years of Service

  • Mary Vanderlaan, Professor of Political Science
  • Michael Syron, Security Officer

35 Years of Service

  • Kathleen Amatucci, Secretary, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Gary Stevens, Professor of Mathematics
  • Ronald Brzenk, Professor of Mathematics
  • Robert Titus, Professor of Geology
  • Peter Gage, Aramark Facilities

40 Years of Service

  • Betty Powell, Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Constance Losie, Technical Services Assistant

Those attending the ceremony are asked to RSVP by December 1 to Jennifer Brislin at 607-31-4315 or e-mail

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