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Hartwick Takes Third Place in RecycleMania Tournament

May 3, 2012

The RecycleMania Tournament, the eight-week competition that ignites classic college rivalries, rallying students, faculty and staff to increase on-campus recycling rates beyond their collegiate competitors, wrapped up its 12th year with Hartwick College recovering 64,524 pounds of organic and recyclable materials.

The competition, which extended from Feb. 5 through March 31, includes eight categories. Hartwick finished in third place out of 24 New York State schools in the per capita category (and 22nd out of 321 schools nationwide) as well as fourth out of 20 New York institutions in the Grand Champion category (and 85th out of 220 nationwide).

"We were really pleased with the results of the competition," said Dan Morse, Hartwick's Coordinator of Sustainability Programs. "It's very exciting for Hartwick to do this well in our very first year of the competition. We were lucky to have a great team of people involved in coordinating Hartwick's participation in the competition - especially our student RecycleMania Team, all of whom were really great to work with. We're already looking forward to participating in RecycleMania again next year - we'll have a lot more experience to draw on." 

As a measure of the success of this year's RecycleMania competition, 92 million pounds of recyclables and organic materials were recovered, which prevented the release of nearly 150,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E). This reduction in greenhouse gases is equivalent to the annual emissions from more than 25,840 passenger cars; electricity use of more than nearly 16,406 homes; or the burning of nearly 705 railcars' worth of coal. For the full results of the competition, go to

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