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Hartwick’s Rozene Included in Several Noteworthy Exhibits

October 17, 2013

Hartwick College Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene is scheduled to participate in several prestigious art exhibits this fall. The events, which will last into the beginning of 2014, will be held across the United States and Canada.

Soonest is a solo show at The Evans Contemporary Gallery in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The exhibition, titled "Held Hostage: The Corrosive Use of Money in Politics," will run from October 10 through November 11, 2013. The pieces Rozene will have on display for this show continue the investigation of French influences on American china and politics. According to the Gallery's website "Rozene uses patterns, ornament, and form from the Louis XVI china service (1783-93) and the Catherine the Great china service (1783) made by the Sevres National Ceramic Manufactory, Paris, France, both of which are widely acknowledged in the field as the most extravagant services created by the manufactory, to communicate meaning and create a discussion that reflects on our own contemporary language and political sphere."

This body of work involved the assistance of Hartwick College students Alexandra Forst '13, Elliot Henry '13, and Erica Cantwell '14 and is supported by the Winifred D. Wandersee Scholar in Residence at Hartwick College, The Milne Family Fund and the Hartwick College Faculty Research Grant program.

Another project which Rozene has been invited to participate in is titled "The Dinnerware Museum: Three Courses" which opens in Ann Arbor, MI in December, 2013. Curated by Museum Founder and Director Margaret Carney Ph.D., this exhibition will focus on the novelty and fun of luncheon sets which rest on the lap of the diner. One of the two sets that will be made for this exhibition will be collected into the permanent collection.

Larger exhibitions like the Ferrin Contemporary's "Ceramic Top 40" and SOFA Chicago are also on Rozene's agenda.

The Ferrin Contemporary's "Ceramic Top 40" consist of 20 artists under and 20 artists over the age of 40 working in ceramics. For this show, artists are invited or selected through a specific inspection of a group or jury. According to Leslie Ferrin, director of Ferrin Contemporary "... after reviewing 475 submissions, we selected the artists whose current works best met the criteria and invited several others who are clearly leading the field in new directions."

According to an announcement released by The Ferrin Contemporary, "This exhibition will present the 'It' artists currently working in conceptual utilitarian and sculptural ceramics.  The show seeks to identify those working on the cutting edge of current processes, ideas and presentation concepts by both the up-and-coming generation of artists and established artists who are breaking new ground."

The exhibition will take place at Red Star Studios, in their new home at Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City, Missouri and will open on November 1 and continue on through January 25, 2014.

Rozene will also participate in SOFA Chicago, which will soon host exhibit "The Futures: Celebrating Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Commitment." SOFA Chicago's webpage explains that, "For the past twenty-five years Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts has inspired ceramic artists to engage in a unique residency program where students, hobbyists, and professionals of all levels work together as peers in an inspiring environment. The artists selected for this exhibition have claimed their spot as leaders in the future of the organization and of the broader world of Ceramic Art."

For additional information, contact Rozene at 607-431-4833 or at

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