Brandon Ballengée - Vertical fall in the Winter call that dances in the spring nocturnal..., 2010/2012 from "A Season in Hell Series, Deadly Born Cry." In scientific collaboration with Stanley K. Sessions

Hartwick’s Sessions Included in Long-Term “SciArt” Exhibit

October 15, 2012

Dr. Stanley K. Sessions, professor of biology at Hartwick College, is currently included in a long-term "Science/Art" collaboration at the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery in New York, NY.

The project, completed via a partnership between New York City artist Brandon Ballengée and Sessions, can be viewed in the Feldman Gallery from Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is free to the public. Ballengée and Sessions have worked together on various "SciArt" exhibitions to date and have traveled the world, including London, Berlin Germany, Italy, and the US.

"The purpose of our SciArt collaboration is to create a true melding together of these two disciplines, Science and Art, which are often seen as having little in common, but which actually have much in common," said Sessions. "Both art and science explore frontiers at the edge of knowledge, create new ways of seeing things, and also generate new insight and interest in important issues. We believe that this kind of collaboration helps bridge gaps between disciplines leading to a better and more widespread understanding about the world around us."

One of the major foci of the current work is on declining and deformed amphibians and other animals that have resulted in numerous publications in scientific journals as well as SciArt exhibitions and publications in art journals.

This project is considered a true interdisciplinary interaction, as the collaboration is of interest to both disciplines. Sessions supplies his personal science expertise as well as many of the scientific specimens, and artist Ballengée constructs the art exhibitions.

The Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery is located at 31 Mercer Street, (SoHo), New York City, NY. For more details on long-term collaboration and The Feldman Gallery, visit

For additional information on the work, contact Sessions at 607-431-4764 or at

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