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Slade's Sculpture in Kingston Biennial Show

July 1, 2009

Hartwick College Professor of Art Terry Slade has installed his newest work, "Memories of the Hudson," in Kingston (NY) Park as a part of the 9th Kingston Biennial.

The 9th Kingston Sculpture Biennial will be on display throughout three city parks that overlook the Hudson River: Hasbrouck, Kingston Point, and the Rotary Parks. The exhibition opens with a gala reception from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, July 4 and will remain on view through the month of October 2009.

"This installation commemorates the lives of the trees on the Hudson River," Slade explained. "Inspired by many train trips between Albany and New York City along the Hudson River and by numerous research trips to Scotland visiting pre-historic sites, I wanted to create a space for personal reflection of the long history of the river and its inhabitants.

"The past 10 years I have been seriously involved in researching, visiting, and documenting pre-historic sites throughout the British Isles and Northern France," he continued. "This has become an obsession, a lifelong goal to visit as many of these sites as possible to experience their 'place' in the world for myself. Because of this interest, my work has evolved into creating images and spaces that are reminiscent of pre-historic ceremonial spaces, but as seen here, made of materials that are more transitory than stone."

Slade has used natural branches and roots collected from the shores of the Hudson River. The spherical form of the work is a metaphor for the endless cycle of life, and the "standing" elements circling the sphere are reminders of growth and renewal. These materials have been assembled with drywall screws and bolts. At the end of the exhibition the pieces will be disassembled and the roots returned to a landfill for natural decomposition; the screws will be retained for other projects.

"Since early in my career as an artist, the main focus of my work has been the symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment," Slade said. "The work I have produced over the years has taken many visual forms, but the underlying theme has remained the same."

Aided by research grants from Hartwick College, Slade has traveled throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany researching and documenting standing stones, stone circles, and burial chambers.

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