Hartwick Student Scholars Making a Mark at Conferences

August 10, 2011

Hartwick College students and their faculty mentors have long been involved in advanced inquiry and critical scholarship. This work is widely recognized as vital to an experiential-based liberal arts education, and sometimes the best scholarship is accepted to be shared at academic conferences. More than 30 Hartwick student-scholars presented their work at 18 national and regional conferences over the past academic year.

"For a student to present their work at a scholarly conference is a highlight of an academic career," Hartwick College Provost Michael G. Tannenbaum said. "It is an exceptional recognition of the achievements made by a student and his or her faculty advisor."

Presentations by Hartwick student-scholars were featured at annual gatherings of the American Astronomical Society, the American Chemical Society, the Geological Society of America, and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. They also presented at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the Eastern Psychological Association annual meeting, and the Eastern Nursing Conference, among others.

2010-11 Student Presentations at Academic Conferences

International Academic Conference, sponsored by The Clute Institute, New Orleans, LA-Katie Yorks '12 and Michelle Conklin '11 presented "Teaching and Working with Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: A  Phenomenological Study," Assistant Professor of Education Gregory Smith, advisor.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Ithaca, NY-Jordan Liz '12 presented "The Effect of Technology on Development" (also presented at the Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference in New York) and Jamal Coverdale '11 presented "Effect of State on Bar Examination Outcome," Associate Professor of Economics Carlena Ficano, advisor.

Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Denver, CO-Andrew Parisi '11 and Kathleen Watson '11 presented "Geochemistry of the Susquehanna River and Pine Lake Area, NY," and "Effect of vegetation on soil water chemistry at Pine Lake, West Davenport, NY, USA," professors Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad and John Dudek, advisors.

217th American Astronomical Society Meeting, Seattle, WA-Catherine Weigel '12 and Michelle Brault '11 presented "Group Membership and HI Sources in the WBL 368 Galaxy Group" (also presented by Weigel at the Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop, Arecibo, Puerto Rico), Assistant Professor of Physics Parker Troischt, advisor.

American Astronomical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA-Isaac Hughes '12 presented "HI Deficiency in Galaxy Group WBL 368," and Catherine Weigel '12 and Michelle Brault '11 presented "Dynamic Mass Estimates of Galaxy Group WBL 368 Galaxy Group," Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Parker Troischt, advisor.

241st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Anaheim, CA-Casey Konz '13 presented "Quantification of Flavonoids in Local Beers by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)," Assistant Professor of Chemistry John Dudek, advisor; Kathleen Watson '11 presented "Effect of Vegetation on Soil-Water Chemistry at Pine Lake, NY," Assistant Professor of Chemistry Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad and Dudek, advisors; Cheryl Sturm '11 presented "2-Furfuryl Alcohol as a Diene for Green Diels-Alder Reactions," Associate Professor of Chemistry Mark Erickson, advisor; and Robyn Smith '12 presented "Ferrofluids:  Expanding and Improving an Inorganic Laboratory Experimen," Associate Professor of Chemistry Susan Young, advisor.

2011 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting, Washington, DC-Carson Pryde '11 presented "Interaction of Epulopiscium Methyl Accepting Chemotaxis Proteins with E. Coli CheW and CheA,"  Brittanie Kemp '11 presented "The Origin of Cardiomyocyte Stem Cells in Heart Regeneration of Notophthalmus viridescens," Sarah Holmes '11 presented "Characterization of two iron-alcohol dehydrogenases from Epulopiscium sp. Type B," and Kelly Meiser '11 presented"Interaction Between Putative Epulopiscium sp. Type B Chemotaxis Proteins," Assistant Professor of Chemistry Andrew Piefer, advisor.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival 43, Washington, DC-Lita Benson '12 and Mark de Roziere '13 presented an acting performance of Angel Street by Patrick Hamilton, and Ashley Rombough '10 presented on the production of the play Two Rooms, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Malissa Kano-White, advisor.

2011 Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MA-Pema Sherpa '12 and Colleen Lyons '11 presented "Self-esteem feedback protects mood from proximate sources of social ostracism," Assistant Professor of Psychology Justin Wellman, advisor; Heather Daly '11 presented "The Effects of Daytime Napping on Memory Processing,"  and Megan Shipman '11 presented"Effects of hippocampal lesions depend on length of inter-trial and trace intervals," Associate Professor of Psychology KinHo Chan, advisor.

Pi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference, Poughkeepsie, NY-Suzy Rigdon '11 presented "Historians vs. History: Gendering Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe," Lydia Dennett '11 presented "A Woman's Influence: Ann Boleyn's Role in the English Reformation," Greg Kopstein '11 presented "The Incomplete Conquest: A Reassessment of Roman Britain," Sarah Bliss '14 presented "Voices of Italian Humanists," Robin Booty '11 presented "Conceding Weakness to Lift the Burden of Original Sin: A Woman's Attempt to Free Women from Eve's Downfall," and John Burns '14 presented "Cesare Borgia: The Machiavellian Model," Professor of History Peter Wallace, advisor.

Eastern Nursing Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA-Anna Arnold '11 presented "Improving the Health of Impoverished Children," Associate Professor of Nursing Penny Boyer, advisor.

New York African Studies Association Conference, Oneonta, NY-Kristen Lawrence '11 presented "The Relationship between Traditional and Modern Medicine in Uganda," Professor of Anthropology Connie Anderson, advisor.

New York State Foundations of Education Association Meeting, Rochester, NY-Anne Louise Wagner '13, Eryn Niblick '13, and Kate Villios '14 presented "Hartwick Students' Work and Learning with Emerging Communities," Assistant Professor of Education Elizabeth Bloom, advisor.

SUNY-Brockport Philosophy Conference, Brockport, NY-Jordan Liz '12 presented "Right, Wrong or Neither? The Aristotelian Response to Glaucon's Challenge," Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeremy Wisnewski, advisor.

16th Annual SUNY-Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, Oneonta, NY-Jordan Liz '12 presented "Hume's Double Relation of Ideas and Impressions" (also presented at the Second Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY); and Alan Barton '12 presented "Hermeneutic Dialogue: Hadot, Gadamer, and the Figure of Socrates," Associate Professor of Philosophy Stefanie Rocknak, advisor.

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