Love's Labour's Lost

Hartwick to Host American Shakespeare Center Play

October 1, 2012

The American Shakespeare Center on Tour will perform William Shakespeare's comedy, Love's Labour's Lost in Slade Theatre (Yager Hall) on the Hartwick College's campus.  All are invited to attend this performance on October 14 at 7 p.m. Ticket prices for the general public are $10, and Students and Hartwick College Staff are $5.

Love's Labour's Lost was written around the same time as Midsummer's Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet. The show centers around the King of Navarre and his three schoolmates who are ripe for an education in love from the Princess of France and her three ladies. Joining the lovers is a brilliantly goofy troupe of clowns, including the love-warrior Don Armado and the lust-sick rogue Costard, who ardently pursue the affections of a winsome country maid - and who perform an unforgettable pageant for the royals. This giddy and extravagant romantic comedy is Shakespeare's most exuberant wordfest, and is a joyful carnival of love, loss, and hope.

To quote Jim Warren, the artistic director of the show, "If you've seen or read other Shakespeare plays, you'll find some familiar characters, situations, and glorious language in Love's Labour's Lost. When most scholars, critics, and theatre practitioners discuss Love's Labour's Lost, they point out the magnificent wordplay that elevates this play to its unique status. The verbal fireworks explode with dazzling debates between the couples, the incandescent colloquy of the academic and comic characters, and the majestic use of verse and prose, rhyming couplets, multiple sonnets, and riveting rhetoric. Shakespeare didn't write plays in "Old English"; he helped invent, expand, and explore Modern English, the language that we know today. Modern English was young and muscular in Shakespeare's time and he launches all of the bombast and beauty he could dream up for this brilliant comedy."

For additional information on the performance, contact Kenneth Golden, professor of theatre arts at 607-431-4922 or

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