"Arrested Development and Philosophy"

Hartwick’s Wisnewski co-edits Arrested Development Book

February 1, 2012

Hartwick College Associate Professor of Philosophy J. Jeremy Wisnewski is at it again, having co-edited the latest in a successful series of pop culture philosophy books. This time he, co-editor Kristopher G. Phillips, and their contributors tackle a cult television program in "Arrested Development and Philosophy."

According to the publisher, Wiley, "Arrested Development earned six Emmy awards, a Golden Globe award, critical acclaim, and a loyal cult following-and then it was canceled. Fortunately, this book steps into the void left by the show's premature demise by exploring the fascinating philosophical issues at the heart of the quirky Bluths and their comic exploits. Whether it's reflecting on Gob's self-deception or digging into Tobias's double entendres, you'll watch your favorite scenes and episodes of the show in a whole new way."

Arrested Development and Philosophy is the latest in the expansive Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series. Wisnewski also edited 30 Rock and Philosophy, Family Guy and Philosophy, The Office and Philosophy, X-Men and Philosophy, and Twilight and Philosophy. He also contributed a chapter to Metallica and Philosophy.

"The continued aim of these books is to bring philosophy to a wider audience--to people who didn't have the opportunity to take philosophy classes, or didn't think to," he explained. "The idea is to show that philosophical reflection can bubble up anywhere and is worth investigating."

"I was happy to do it since Arrested Development's such a great show," Wisnewski told The Citizens Voice, "You can raise philosophical questions about anything."

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