Ethics and Phenomenology

Hartwick’s Wisnewski Edits 'Ethics and Phenomenology'

May 16, 2012

Hartwick College Associate Professor of Philosophy J. Jeremy Wisnewski's latest book, "Ethics and Phenomenology," has been recently issued by Lexington Press. The book, which Wisnewski co-edited with Mark Sanders of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, is "a collection of essays that explore the relationship between moral philosophy and the phenomenological tradition," according to the publisher.

"Phenomenology is a vast and rich philosophical tradition which seeks to explain how we perceive the world. This, in turn, involves questions about one's relationship to the world and how one both acts and should act in the world. For this reason phenomenology entails an ethics, even if such an ethics is not always apparent in the work of phenomenological thinkers."

Wisnewski and Sanders' work offers essays exploring moral philosophy in the work of the major phenomenologists of the 20th-century, as well as a second section  of essays demonstrating the way that the phenomenological method can facilitate advances in our thinking through the exploration of contemporary ethical issues, including environmentalism, intellectual property, parenting and others.

"This project stems from a recognition that phenomenology-the systematic investigation and clarification of the structures of lived experience-has important contributions to make to our understanding of both value and obligation," Wisnewski explained. "The volume takes up both theoretical issues and issues in applied ethics. There are essays on, for example, the value-theory found in philosophers like Husserl, Scheler, and de Beauvoir, but there are also essays on particular issues: the environment, parenthood, digital copyright, and more besides.

"We were fortunate to get several very well-known philosophers to contribute to the volume," he added.

The book is Wisnewski's eleventh, including six in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, most recently "Arrested Development and Philosophy."

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