Hartwick’s Yager Museum Displays Early 19th Century Coverlets

November 2, 2010

The Yager Museum of Art & Culture at Hartwick College is showing an exhibition titled "From Geometric to Fancy: Early 19th Century Coverlets from the Yager Museum Collection."

Woven coverlets from the early 19th century connect us directly with rural America--its style, economy, and sentiments. Woven by Irish-Anglo, French, or German professional weavers or skilled domestic weavers, these coverlets were symbols of status as well as signs of the owners' identity, heritage, or allegiances. Prized when they were made, handed down for generations, and collected by enthusiasts of hand-made fiber art, these coverlets are important aspects of the material culture of the young United States.

Weaver and textile expert Rabbit Goody served as the guest researcher for this exhibition, which features 15 coverlets from the Museum's collection along with complimentary textiles, such as a rug, quilt, blanket, towel, and tablecloth. The exhibition connects the many people in rural towns involved in coverlet production including the families that produced and perhaps dyed the yarn for the coverlets and the professional weavers who wove them. The exhibition also helps visitors unfamiliar with coverlets with clues about their creation, design, and use.

A series of programs interpreting the coverlets and exploring the social and cultural climate of the early 19th century will be presented through the academic year.

The exhibition will be shown until May 28, 2010. The Yager Museum of Art & Culture and Museum Shop are open between noon and 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. More information about events and exhibitions can be found by calling 607-431-4480 or visiting

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