Quinquennial Awards Honor Hartwick Employees' Service

December 16, 2010

On December 7, the Hartwick College community gathered to honor its own, with the annual Quinquennial Awards presentation for length of service.

Dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time at the College in five-year increments. President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich presented each a "Streak of Blue" award, commissioned this year from Assistant Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene, who specializes in ceramics.

Capping the ceremony was the announcement of three staff members who have each committed 40 years to the education and well-being of Hartwick College students--Professor of German Wendell Frye; Faculty Secretary for Biology, Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Pre-Med Coordinator Nancy Heffernan; and Perrella Wellness Center Director Elizabeth Morley.

"Hartwick has been a great place for me to work," Morley reflected. "I've worked with some wonderful people, including a lot of the doctors here in the Oneonta community. College health is a very unique field, because every day is interesting.

"It's important to note, though, that I started working here when I was 12," Morley joked.

"Where did those 40 years go? It's flown by, it doesn't seem possible," Heffernan said. "I think back to when I started, I was a little bit older than the students. Now I could be their grandmother!"

Heffernan has work in the Registrar's Office, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Stevens-German Library, in addition to her current post. It's the interaction with Hartwick faculty and students that gives her the most enjoyment.

"I really enjoy the contact with both faculty and students," she said. "I've kept in touch with many students over the years, and I like to support the kids when they're here. I remember their names, because I think that's important for them."

Frye has built a reputation as an outstanding teacher during his 40 years on Oyaron Hill. He has taken groups of students to study in Austria for the past 30 years, and the January Term course has become a highlight for many alumni.

"Austria is a great country," he said. "Of all the German-speaking countries it's the most cultural because it was an imperial capital for centuries. Vienna has a maturity about it, and if you like opera and stage you can't beat that. The people, for a big city, are very welcoming, and we have a number of families there that are old friends by now."

Like Morley and Heffernan, Frye has seen his office location change during the past four decades as campus buildings have been renovated and erected.

"One thing I've noticed," he said, "is that every year the stairs get a little steeper!"

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