Quinquennial Awards will Recognize Service to Hartwick

November 24, 2010

Hartwick College will host its 2010 Quinquennial Awards Celebration at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7 in the Foreman Gallery, Anderson Center for the Arts. The annual event recognizes milestones in faculty and staff service to the College.

Those scheduled to be honored this year include:


  • Douglas Zullo, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Jeffrey Pegram, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Kristin Jones, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Richard Gary III, Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
  • Judith Feher, Staff Nurse
  • Sharon Terry, Secretary to the Director of Safety & Security
  • Ray Cesnavicius, Media Services Manager
  • Sara Pickett, Secretary/Assistant to the President's Office
  • Elizabeth Bloom, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Carlin Butler, Copy/Mail Center Operator
  • Margaret Arthurs, Director of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations
  • Gerald Baker, Food Service Utility Worker
  • Joann DeGraff, Food Service  Worker
  • Persida Krajovan, Floater
  • Matthew Sanford, Director of Advising and Registration, Registrar
  • Patricia Thorne, Assistant Controller
  • David Moxley, Copy/Mail Center Operator
  • Benjamin Ashley, Security Officer

TEN YEARS         

  • Diane Paige, Associate Professor of Music
  • Melissa Allen, Director of Financial Aid
  • Ann-Lis Glenn, Associate Director of Enrollment Management
  • Lara Sanford, Career Advisor and Links Program Coordinator
  • Peter Rieseler, System and Digital Resource Librarian
  • Darlene Carrington, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Patricia Jacobsen, Coordinator of Disability Services
  • Barbara Willsey, Switchboard Operator
  • Barbara Konze, Residential Life and Housing Administrative Assistant
  • Lori Shumway, Food Production Worker
  • Tina Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Nursing


  • Douglas Hamilton, Professor of Biology
  • Jennifer Morissette, Secretary Nursing Recruit/RN Mobility & Continuing Education in Nursing
  • Michael Haehnel, Database and Systems Analyst
  • Clair (Sandy) Huntington, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Edythe Quinn, Professor of History
  • Penny Boyer, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Scott Archibald, Custodian
  • Rita Dunn, Custodian
  • Anthony Loehr, Floater/Group Leader
  • Wayne Sperry, Groundsman


  • Frederic Chrislip, Senior Programmer/Analyst
  • Janet Washburn, Housekeeper
  • Laraine Bassani, Custodian
  • Darlene Austin, Assistant Production Supervisor
  • Robert Eklund, Production Supervisor


  • Connie Anderson, Professor of Anthropology
  • Fiona Dejardin, Professor of Art History
  • Linda Swift, Professor of Biology
  • Dale Rothenberger, Aquatic Director/Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach
  • Peggy Jenkins, Professor of Nursing
  • Laurence Malone, Professor of Economics
  • Dick Borggreen, Custodian
  • Richard Cook, Floater
  • Dennis Harris, Groundsman
  • Ricky West, Painter
  • Tim Hatcher, Cashier


  • Charles Scheim Jr., Professor of Mathematics
  • Katherine O'Donnell, Professor of Sociology
  • Judith Walsh, Planning Associate & Research Analyst
  • John Clemens, Professor of Business Administration
  • Theresa Turick-Gibson, Professor of Nursing
  • Charles Bailey, Carpenter
  • Mark Green, Groundsman

FORTY YEARS               

  • Elizabeth Morley, Director Perrella Wellness Center
  • Wendell Frye, Professor of German
  • Nancy Heffernan, Faculty Secretary Biology, Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Pre-Med Coordinator

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