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Student Clubs and Organizations

The Office of Campus Activities and the Student Senate work in collaboration to support the efforts of upwards of 70+ registered student clubs and organizations each year. These groups contribute powerfully to the vibrant co-curricular life of Hartwick and represent an incredibly diverse array of community interests.

A full list of active clubs and organizations, along with contact information, can be found on Hartlink.

The Office of Campus Activities advises student organizations, sets policy and distributes funds, while the Student Senate provides much of the funding allocation and political representation for these groups.

Club and Organization Privileges and Responsibilities
Registered student clubs are entitled to ...

  • Official recognition as a student group;
  • Access to any Student Senate funds;
  • Ability to sponsor events using college facilities, in accordance with established procedures;
  • A Hartlink account;
  • Participate in and recruit members at the bi-annual Taste of Wick, Club Fair;
  • Purchase some items, tax-exempt, for club purposes;
  • Request on-campus services;
  • Fundraising for a cause;
  • Use of an organization mail box.

Registered organizations are expected to ...

  • Meet deadlines pertaining to club registration and funding;
  • Update contact information with Campus Activities and Student Senate;
  • Maintain a current constitution;
  • Plan and conduct activities that further the group's purpose;
  • Conduct business in accordance with the all College policies;
  • Register all events with the Office of Campus Activities via Hartlink;
  • Adhere to the NY State anti-hazing law;
  • Per federal law, membership in organizations must be open to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual preference, age, marital status, citizenship or handicap.

For questions, please contact Joshua Nelson, nelsonj@hartwick.edu, 4th Floor Dewar Union, 607-431-4507.