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  • Hartwick student during MetroLink
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How Grades are Posted

Now that your student is in college, don't expect a report card to be sent home at the end of the semester. Grades are issued to the student only through the personal online WebAdvisor account (unless the student requests in writing that grades be sent home - this request is different from the Student Release of Information Form). WebAdvisor gives each student access to his/her grades, course schedule, advisor information, degree audit, and Five- and Nine-week Evaluations. Even though you are likely paying the tuition bill, your son or daughter is considered an adult now, and privacy of grades is protected by law - read about FERPA, the Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act, for more details.

Some students will share their grades with parents; others won't. This is a great opportunity for an open and honest discussion with your student. If s/he failed courses, try not to panic--but work with your student to identify the factors that contributed to the failure. You can then help your student locate the resources s/he can utilize in order to be successful in the next semester. In this way, you can encourage your student to take responsibility for his or her education.

Note: Policy Regarding Phone Conversations with Parents
Regardless of whether or not a student signs the Student Release of Information Form allowing Hartwick to discuss academic information with a parent, Hartwick officials do not discuss grades or registration information that could lead to personal identification over the phone. We simply cannot verify that we are speaking to the parent for whom we have a release.

Know the facts.
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