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Off-Campus Study Information for Parents

Hartwick students get the travel bug! The Institute of International Education's "Open Doors" report ranks Hartwick in the Top 10 in the nation (#7) for the percentage of students who study abroad.

Besides giving students the academic skills and knowledge they will need to become successful both personally and professionally, Hartwick College knows students also need global skills to thrive in the 21st century. Students in today's world must be able to learn and live with people from very different cultural backgrounds and respect their customs, views, beliefs and aspirations. The Office of Global Education exists to promote intercultural development and understanding across the global community that is Hartwick College.

The Office of Global Education is Hartwick College's international office. The office advises students who want to study off campus during a J Term, a semester or a summer. We help students choose a program, we prepare them for their international experience, and we help them make the transition from overseas to back home. Global Education also provides important services for international students, such as immigration support and an orientation to the US and the American classroom culture. We also provide opportunities for civic engagement, both at home and abroad.

We ask parents to encourage their students to take advantage of these unique, life-changing experiential opportunities. The Office of Global Education collaborates with the Registrar's Office and the students' academic advisors as well as the financial aid office to help them find affordable international programs that give them the academic credit they need to stay on track for graduation. An international experience is essential in today's society and is an integral part of Hartwick's Liberal Arts in Practice.

· Students can go abroad and still graduate on time! They can find solid academic programs abroad that will broaden or enhance their Hartwick academic experience. Usually they can earn the same number of credits overseas in areas that will count towards graduation. Going abroad does not have to mean additional semesters at Hartwick.

· Not all study abroad programs are expensive. In many cases, students going abroad for a semester can pay their regular tuition and fees and keep their scholarships and financial aid. If they prefer, they can get permission to take an academic leave of absence to go abroad. In many countries the tuition, fees, room and board are quite inexpensive. Students going on J Term programs often negotiate additional financial aid or student grants or loans to pay the program costs.

· Students do NOT have to speak a foreign language to go abroad. They can take coursework in English in lots of places, not just the UK or Australia. Students can study in English in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, India, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico and more....

· Be excited when your son or daughter wants to go abroad. College is one of the best times to go. Once they graduate and have a job, they won't be able to take off for weeks or months to learn a language or experience new places and cultures.

· Encourage your student to plan ahead and consider all options, not just where their roommates or friends want to go. This should be a well-thought-out, personal decision to give your student the best experience possible. Besides just taking classes, urge your student to consider taking advantage of a service-learning experience, an internship, fieldwork or independent research overseas.

· Ask your student to visit the Office of Global Education to gather information and talk to an experienced advisor.

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