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Volunteer Opportunities for Parents

Parents and Grandparents Giving
Because tuition and fees cover only a portion of the cost of a Hartwick education, the College relies on gifts from foundations, corporations, and individuals to make up the difference. About 33% of parents of current and past students give to the Hartwick Fund each year. Last year, parents contributed over $200,000 to the College. Parent volunteers, such as the members of the Society of Families, are key fundraisers.

Foundations, corporations, and others count parent and alumni support as an important factor when making decisions about grants to the colleges. Therefore, your participation in Parents and Grandparents Giving is important to our other fundraising efforts.

Admissions Recruitment (HART)
Members of the parent recruitment team serve as representatives of the College to prospective students and their parents. They may host recruitment, yield, and/or send-off parties, visit high schools, staff college nights, and call students from their area high schools who are interested in Hartwick to encourage them to apply. Parents of current students have been particularly effective in calling parents of admitted students to discuss their experience as Hartwick parents. Contact addmissions@hartwic.edu for more information.

Career Networking
Many parents participate in career networking programs and serve as an online mentor on Hartwick's student portal to the professional world, WICKWorks. Here you can connect with current students through career mentoring and volunteer for other career-related programs. Signing up begins by visiting https://hartwick-csm.symplicity.com/mentors. For questions about volunteering or using the system, contact the Office of Career Services at 607-431-4425.

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