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The College Transition for Parents

The transition to college can be challenging, for atudents and parents alike. At Hartwick, we're committed to helping make this process as smooth as possible, and ultimately successful and rewarding for all involved.

Below are links to a number of resources about the transition experience. We hope you'll find them helpful.

Top Ten Tips for Helping Your Student Make the Most of the College Experience

Common First Year Challenges

Failure: The Ultimate Learning Experience?

If Your Student is Struggling

Supporting Your Student's Independence

An Open Letter to Parents of Students with Disabilities
A disability services specialist, who is also the parent of a student with disabilities, shares some insights on the transition from high school to college.

Letting Go While Still Holding On
The transition to college can be uncomfortable for the family members of a new student too. Read some tips on how to best navigate this transition!

Care Package Tips
Written by a Current Student!

Know the Facts.
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