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Care Package Tips

Tips for Assembling a Great Care Package written by a current Hartwick student!

It's hard to describe the excitement a college student expresses when he/she opens the mailbox and discover that slip of paper announcing a package has arrived. Care packages certainly make the day for most college students!

Parents who put time and effort into their son or daughter's care package will have appreciative children. Parents should think of their child's likes and dislikes and then act appropriately by including favorite cookies or a food product that might remind the student of home. And remember, any food that is sent should be in quantities great enough to share - you don't want to forget the roommate who will be drooling from his desk five feet away.

Besides food, photographs of events or people that your student might normally see, are always pleasant and an effective and tangible way of continuing to include students in "at home" goings on. The frequency of care packages is important to keep in mind as well. Like all good things, moderation is key and a sporadic package will mean more than a weekly one. The first few weeks and months are the most important in terms of filling your student's mailbox. Whether a package or postcard, knowing that there is someone at home who is thinking of him/her will be comforting to any student. Send mail and your student will surely smile!

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