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If Your Student is Struggling

If Five-Week and Nine-Week Evaluations or mid-term exams reveal that your student is struggling, don't panic! Or, if your son or daughter calls you up distressed about attending college, his/her roommate, etc. and wants to come home, don't be alarmed! Again, the transition to college academics isn't always smooth and challenges are an expected and important part of the journey to success and happiness!

Perhaps your son or daughter won't even want to tell you about problems s/he is experiencing in the classroom or in his/her personal life. However, if you suspect some struggling, reinforce the message that we give incoming students: UTILIZE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO ALL STUDENTS. The college offers students multiple points of support, but students must avail themselves of these resources. Here are some resources for the following difficulties:

Difficulty in a class:
-Professor (communicating with the professor is extremely important)
-Tutoring (available through Learning Support Services)
-Study Groups (contact professor or form group with other students)
-Study Skills Workshops (available through Learning Support Services)
-Writing Center (for assistance with writing projects)
-Office of Advising and Registration (for general advising support)

Roommate Conflicts:
-Resident Advisor (trained peer mentors who can provide advice and mediation)
-Resident Director (trained professional who can provide advice and mediation)

Emotional Issues:
-Counseling Services at Perrella Wellness Center (counseling professionals on staff are available to meet individually as well as in group therapy sessions)
-Director of Social Issues and Wellness Education (a professional located on the 4th floor of Dewar Union in the Division of Student Affairs)
-50-50 Peer Counseling (available to students by calling extension 5050)

Health Issues:
-Perrella Wellness Center
-Director of Social Issues and Wellness Education

Whatever a student's struggles may be, s/he should ask for help! We are here to assist, offer support and guidance, and help your student stay on track, but we cannot force students to utilize available resources. Students must take responsibility for their needs, first and foremost.

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