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Supporting Your Student's Independence

Perhaps you are one of the parents who worry because your son or daughter seems to be so happy that you never hear from them! Maybe you miss him/her more than s/he seems to be missing you and home. Possibly you might feel rejected because your student seems not to need you, your advice, or your "helicopter landings" any longer!

This is another completely normal situation. Although it can be painful for parents who want to remain as involved as ever in the lives of children, they must realize that their children are becoming adults and need to exercise an evolving sense of independence. Again, it is through this independence that true growth occurs, and ultimately, that is everyone's goal for students! Celebrate the fact that your son or daughter is utilizing the life skills you have taught over the last eighteen or so years and give yourself a pat on the back for raising an independent-thinking and self-reliant young adult.

Of course, even the most prepared students make poor decisions, stumble, and struggle with the consequences of their independent (but maybe not so wise) thinking. If you fear s/he is making poor decisions that threaten his or her well-being (as well as satisfactory academic standing), you must intervene. But also realize that some poor decision-making is normal and is part of the learning experience. It is yet another unavoidable marker on the journey to adulthood!

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