• Yager Hall Bell Tower at sunrise, Hartwick College
  • Hartwick student performance
  • Bresee Hall, Hartwick College
  •  Scanning the skies at the Wright Observatory

Top Ten Hints for Helping Your Student Make the Most of the College Experience

#1: Encourage Co-Curricular Activity - Campus involvement builds lasting friendships.

#2: Help Identify Networks of Support - But allow your student to develop self-advocacy skills.

#3: Emphasize the Need for Communications with Professors - They are not the enemy!

#4: Allow For Independent Decision Making - And for failure...

#5: Encourage Balance - Balancing work and play reduces stress.

#6: Understand that Roommate Conflicts will Occur - Learning to work out differences is an important growth opportunity.

#7: Encourage Exploration and the use of Advising Resources - No major? No problem! Now is the time for considering lots of options.

#8: Promote the Pursuit of Internships - Internships increase hiring power!

#9: Advocate for Off-Campus Experiences - They put the Liberal Arts experience into practice!

#10: Suggest Your Student Draft a Resume in the First Year - Career development begins now!

Know the Facts.
29The percentage of Hartwick students who play at least one sport.