Barry Pearson '08

What attracted you to the Hartwick Business Administration or Accounting program?
I was an undecided major in the early years of my college career. I opted to take the Principles of Accounting I & II classes and had developed a decent connection with Professor Kolenda. During that time, I had also taken a management taster class ... which I opted not to pursue. After having a discussion with Professor Kolenda regarding possibilities, he suggested the CPA path, and I went on to declare my major from there.

Briefly describe your career path after graduation.
Since graduation, I have worked for Ernst & Young. I began my public accounting career based out of the Stamford, CT, office with three of my senior classmates, which made the transition somewhat easier. Since then, I have moved offices to the Times Square office in Manhattan. I have moved up three levels to become a supervising Senior 2 and have developed numerous key skill sets. In my early career, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the business and accounting world, particularly within the financial-services industry. I am supervising senior auditor on two very well-known financial-service clients in the Northeast. Due to client confidentiality and the discretion of the profession, I will refrain from sharing exactly who they are!

What was your most treasured Hartwick memory?
Given that I was a member of the men's soccer team, everything and anything that came hand-in-hand with being involved in that program puts a smile on my face every day. One particular memory that serves me well is our NCAA tournament appearance in 2005. Unfortunately, we lost that day, but the feeling of being involved on that stage is something that will live with me forever.

What was your most important or favorite Hartwick learning experience?
My most important learning experience at Hartwick is literally learning to take control of my own destiny. I quickly found out that although the resources were there in abundance for development, I still had to go and make that happen. This rings true all throughout life, as you will soon realize. The accounting faculty at Hartwick are second to none and will provide every platform and assistance you seek as you grow as a potential professional. YOU just need to make it happen.

Any advice for underclassman or prospective students?
Be proactive and take control of your own college career (and beyond). As I said before, the professors are great and will never turn you away. They will always be willing to help, but nothing is going to land on your lap without going after it. It's easy to strive for mediocrity, but the real success comes from striving for better than just enough. Also, if the CPA route is an option for you in the future, get it out of the way as early as you possibly can ... doing it while working (which I am living right now) is a nightmare!

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