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  • Students at The Yager Museum of Art & Culture
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Amanda Phelps '14

Major/Minor: Anthropology major, museum studies and religion minors

Where are you from?
New Hartford, NY

Why did you choose Hartwick? When did you know Hartwick was for you?
The small class sizes were appealing, as was the study abroad program.

What are your classes like?
My classes are very small and personal. The faculty has a strong relationship with their students.

What organizations, teams and activities are you involved in?
I am part of Anthropology Club, Wind Ensemble and Campus Ambassadors.

Where will you go from here/what's next for you?
I plan on working in museums or as a contract archeologist then applying to grad school after a few years.

Do you have any experience with Hartwick's Three-Year Degree Program?
Yes, I came to Hartwick as a Three-Year biology major but took a few anthropology courses and became an anthology major and will be able to graduate in three years.

How did you first get involved with Yager Museum?
One of my friends had taken a museum studies course and recommended it to me.

What drew you to the museum studies program?
The hands on learning with the museum's collection was a great opportunity.

How did interacting with the Yager collection advance you education?
The opportunity to learn museum skills in the classroom then apply then in the museum was a very powerful experience.

What was your favorite Hartwick experience?
My favorite Hartwick experience was when I went to South Africa over January Term with the Peoples of South Africa class.

Know the Facts.
15+The number of productions staged each year by our Theatre Arts program.