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Philanthropy at Hartwick College. It's personal.

Hartwick is fortunate in having many generous friends who welcome opportunities to make a difference in the lives of talented and promising young people.

The individuals highlighted here choose to advance the work and ambitions of others by making major gifts to Hartwick College. They exemplify the deep impact of philanthropy.

Betsy and Stan Phelps 'P86
Frank Perrella '50, P'75, H'93, PM'12
Henry L. Hulbert, Esq. PM'10*
John W. Johnstone Jr. '54 H'90*
David Long '83 and Stephanie Isgur Long '84
Fran and Skip Sykes P'96
Brian R. Wright, Esq. H'03 PM '11

*now deceased

Philanthropic support of Hartwick College is an investment. Hartwick students benefit and grow and then go on to advance the lives of many others. They serve their communities and the world as educators and musicians, doctors and nurses, business leaders and community leaders, entrepreneurs and environmentalists, researchers and practitioners, artists and analysts, and so much more.

To talk about how you can develop your philanthropic interests through Hartwick College, please contact Gregg Fort, Vice President for College Advancement, at 607-431-4026 or fortg@hartwick.edu.

Philanthropy - from the Greek Philanthropos, an adjective describing the character of a benefactor. Plutarch used the term Philanthropia in the 1st century for people who are fully developed; Plato first used the term in noun form. Philanthropy is at the core of the western tradition of liberal education. (Excepted from a presentation made by Dr. George McCully, renowned historian and philanthropist; Hartwick College; April 2012.)

Know the facts.
183The number of students-faculty projects supported by Freedman Prizes since 2004-05.