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Research and education are key components of the Pine Lake Institute's mission. All throughout the year - fall, winter, spring, and even summer - Pine Lake hosts Hartwick College classes in a wide variety of disciplines.

Classes in biology, geology, religious studies, creative writing, history, archaeology, dance, photography, art history, poetry, and painting have all come to Pine Lake - for an afternoon, a week, a month - or sometimes even an entire semester.

Learn more about theArchaeology Field School, the Pine Lake Partnership, the Idea and Practice of Sustainability First Year Seminar , the TAP-US Initiative, and Architecture of the Sacred.

Here are some other classes that have come to Pine Lake:

Anthropology: Field School in Archaeology
Art & Art History: Color and Composition, Three Dimensional Design, Creating Interdisciplinary Performance, Ecocriticism
Biology: Ecology, Ecology and the Environment, Ornithology, Limnology, Principles of Biology, Winter Ecology
English: Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Journal Writing, Chaucer, Old English
First Year Seminar: Idea and Practice of Sustainability
History: Women in History, Changes in the Land
Languages: Spanish Language Intensive
Music: Musical Theater
Religious Studies: Architecture of the Sacred, The World of North Indian Devotional Music
Theatre Arts: Movement and Metaphor, Creating Interdisciplinary Performance