Political Science

The study of political science acquaints students with the principal concerns of the discipline and helpsHartwick Students during NY Student Aid Alliance Advocacy Day students to acquire an inquisitive and critical outlook on the political universe around them. The political science faculty is committed to graduating well-rounded individuals mindful of their connectedness in this interdependent world. Our curriculum is designed to help students meet the intellectual and moral challenges of citizenship.

The political science department is committed to teaching excellence. The faculty regularly integrate hands-on learning experiences into their classes such as United Nations and Congressional simulations, debates focused on contested issues in national and international politics, and interactions with polical leaders and organizations. The department also directs off-campus January Term programs to various locations including Arizona, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Greece.

The Department of Political Science encourages majors to complete at least one internship in the field. Internships provide opportunities to test theory in practice, to gather information for senior thesis research, to be active participants in the political process, and to investigate possible careers.

Political science majors have opportunities to work closely with faculty on their own research projects and as research assistants. Political science majors have a successful record of presenting their research at professional conferences and have even published their work in professional journals.

Political science students also have the opportunity to participate in Model UN and get involved in our award-winning chapter of the national political science honor society. To learn more about opportunities for political science majors, check out our student activities page.

Hartwick political science graduates go on to earn graduate degrees in political science or allied fields such as public administration. Some find employment working for members of Congress or in other government agencies. Others become teachers, journalists, and business people, among other careers. A substantial number of Hartwick political science majors attend law school and go on to practice law in a variety of fields.

For more information about political science at Hartwick, check out the links below or contact Associate Professor Laurel Elder, elderl@hartwick.edu, department chair.

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