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Pre-Law Studies

Pre-law studies at Hartwick consist of aims pursued within the liberal arts education provided by our Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum and a major in the arts and sciences, rather than a specific pre-professional major or sequence of required courses. The pre-law program coordinator at Hartwick provides guidance to students interested in law-related careers. The following are answers to commonly asked questions.

What courses should I take?
Following the guidelines of the Association of American Law Schools, we recommend individualized courses of study that:

  • provide basic information about economic, political, and social institutions
  • cultivate an appreciation for historical documentation and analysis,
  • develop skill in oral and written use of the English language,
  • develop the ability to think creatively and critically through deduction, induction, and by analogy.

The coordinator counsels students to educate themselves broadly, challenge themselves in a major, and maintain a high academic average. Popular majors for pre-law students are English, political science, economics, and philosophy. Opportunities to become familiar with the practice of law itself are available through internships and job-shadow programs.

The following courses that are offered at Hartwick are directly relevant to the legal field:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Business Law
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Interpreting the Constitution
  • Politics, Law, and Gender
  • Criminology
  • International Law
  • Courts and Judicial Process
  • Crime and Society
  • Mock Trial

Courses that complement an interest in law and help prepare one for law school are:

  • Logic
  • Microeconomics
  • State and local Government
  • Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Human Rights
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Business Writing
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • Public Administration
  • Any department research methods

What sort of college record do I need to get into law school?
A successful application to law school depends on a combination of academic achievement, significant participation in campus activities, and an above average score on the Law School Admission Test. Most law schools are looking for "A" and high "B" students.

Where do most Hartwick students attend law school?
Hartwick students have recently been accepted by such schools as Cornell, Syracuse, Vermont, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Albany, Villanova, and Valipariso. Given the competition for good students in the past few years, a number of Hartwick graduates have received full and partial tuition scholarships for law school.

Hartwick also offers an accelerated 3+3 program with Albany Law School.

For more information contact:
Caleb Goltz
Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Pre-Law Advisor and Program Coordinator