Recyclemania 2014 Has Begun!
The competition runs through March 29.

Recyclemania 2014
2014 marks Hartwick College's third year of competing in Recyclemania, a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in North America and Canada.

Competition Categories
Hartwick is competing in two categories in 2014:
Grand Champion (recycling measured as a percentage of Hartwick's overall waste stream)
Per Capita Classic (recycling measured in pounds per person)

Get Involved
There are lots of ways for Hartwick students, faculty, and staff to get involved:

1. Recycle! For all the details on recycling at Hartwick, visit our Recycling page. If you have questions about recycling at Hartwick, email

2. Reduce waste. The Grand Champion category measures recycling as a percentage of Hartwick's overall waste stream (i.e., recycling as a percentage of recycling + trash). So generating less trash is better for our numbers - and the environment.

A few simple waste reduction tips:
Use a reusable travel mug instead of disposable cups.
Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags - or ask for paper bags, which can be recycled at Hartwick.
Shop locally - it's good for the community, and reduces packaging.
Buy products that come in recyclable packaging.
Buy products that are durable, reusable, and repairable.
Donate unwanted items rather than throwing them in the trash.

Email your waste reduction ideas to

3. Take the pledge. Join other students, faculty, and staff who have taken the Recyclemania Pledge: I pledge to participate fully in Recyclemania 2014, and to encourage others to do so. There will be lots of chances for you to take the pledge during Recyclemania 2014. For more information, email

4. Join the team. Students, faculty, and staff can volunteer to be a part of the Hartwick Recyclemania Team, the group that leads Hartwick's participation in Recyclemania. In addition, work-study eligible students can apply to serve as Recyclemania Assistants, and faculty and staff can volunteer to serve as building captains. Email for more information.

5. Sponsor an event. Whether you're an individual student, a member of a club, or a staff or faculty member, we want to work with you. If you have an idea for an event, and would like to work with the Hartwick Recyclemania Team to make it happen, just contact

Recyclemania 2014 Partners
Hartwick's participation in the Recyclemania competition is supported by:
The 2014 Hartwick Recyclemania Team
Aramark Facilities Services: Joe Mack, Kurt Sheldon
Aramark Dining Services: Emil Hansen
The Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies: Peter Blue, Erin Toal
Office of Residential Life: Amiee Boyd
Student Representative: Kate Purcell '14

Questions and Suggestions
We welcome your questions and suggestions! Just email

Recycling at Hartwick
To learn more about Hartwick's recycling program, please visit our Recycling page.