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Recycling Made Simple
Recycling is easy with Hartwick's Zero Sort Recycling program: all of the following 'acceptable materials'
may be placed, without sorting, in any bin or dumpster marked for recycling. 

Acceptable Materials
Cardboard: flat and corrugated
Paper: e.g., newspaper, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, softcover books, telephone books, brown paper, magazines, inserts
Plastic: containers #1-7
Glass: bottles and containers, any color
Cans: aluminum, tin, steel containers, pie plates, trays, foil

Unacceptable Materials
Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs
Dishes, Pyrex, ceramics
Foam packaging, styrofoam, plastic bags
Recyclables containing food waste, paint, or oils
Hazardous material or universal waste
VCR tapes

Labels and Fliers
Look for our new recycling stickers and trash stickers labeling containers all over campus, or download a Zero Sort Recycling flier for posting in your room or office.  To download these files, you must have Adobe Reader.

Electronics, Toner, and Ink Recycling
The Technology Resource Center (TRC), located in Clark 150, is the drop-off point for the recycling of electronics, toner, and ink for college-owned devices. For more information, stop by the TRC or  go to the TRC's Electronics and Ink Recycling page.

To learn more about Hartwick's participation in the Recyclemania tournament, visit our Recyclemania page.

Questions and Suggestions
We welcome your questions and suggestions about recycling at Hartwick.  Please contact us recycling@hartwick.edu

Tell Your Friends!
Help us to get the word out about recycling at Hartwick.  It's easy - just share the address for this page: www.hartwick.edu/recycling.