Tomek Regulski '07

I'm originally from Huntington, New York. I came to Hartwick because I needed a complete change of environment after finishing my freshman year at Manhattanville College. Hartwick seemed to offer just that.

I got involved with Hartwick Wind Ensemble and Chorus. I joined Alpha Delta Omega fraternity, and represented the house on the All-Greek Council.

I recommend students take advantage of the many study-abroad programs Hartwick has to offer. Going abroad to the north Indian province of Ladakh, located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, was my most memorable Hartwick experience. This trip triggered many progressive changes in me as a person, such that I consider this trip to be the beginning of a chapter in my life. During J Term in Prague, I was introduced to the great literature of Milan Kundera, and had the pleasure of spending a few nights in one of the most beautiful towns (Cesky Krumlov).

The Hey Mozart! Project was my most interesting class. The course/project was an excellent supplement to the Orchestration class. We received a melody that was written by a child, and were given the task of harmonizing and orchestrating it into a small piece for orchestra. This culminated with a performance and professional recording. It was such a unique experience, and must have been priceless for the children.

I currently teach a basic music theory course at the University of Maryland. My first two years at Hartwick were spent as a Music Education major and, while the techniques were aimed at a completely different age bracket, I learned a few valuable bits that have translated very well into my college teaching.

At Hartwick you can follow your heart, take a chance with something you feel very strongly about, and act upon this feeling with all your might. Have the courage to discard the safe and secure plan for a chance to fulfill yourself and to touch the world around you. Realize that your professors will most likely be excited by this and willing to go an extra mile to help you on your journey. It goes by fast so have fun and take pictures!

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