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Reunion Giving

Reunion Giving 2014
Reunions are important milestones and the perfect occasion for alumni to commemorate their place in Hartwick's history, reflect on what Hartwick means to them, and renew their ties to Oyaron Hill. Reunion celebrations are also a time when classes focus their fundraising efforts to increase giving in support of undergraduate education. As you return to campus for your class reunion, we hope you will consider how your reunion gift can help make the Hartwick experience as unique and meaningful for today's students as it was for you.

Why Give?
Reunion giving provides a strong foundation for Hartwick. Your gift demonstrates a vote of confidence in the College. The highest priority for reunion campaigns is The Hartwick Fund, which supports the core needs of the College, providing unrestricted dollars for scholarships, academic programs, and student life. Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund provide a critical bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of running the College. This allows President Drugovich to respond to the College's most pressing financial concerns and provide the flexibility to seize unique and important opportunities.

Why am I being asked to give during my reunion?
Hartwick College depends on the generosity, enthusiasm, and class spirit of reunion classes to anchor the Annual Fund. While celebrating a reunion is a catalyst among our alumni for increased financial support, the class campaign also helps strengthen individual and class ties by renewing shared class feelings of pride and loyalty. Successful reunion classes set the pace of both Reunion attendance and the Annual Fund, and help to inspire other classes through their Class Reunion campaigns. Your class gift, along with those of other reunion classes, will have a profound impact on the College's ability to continue to offer a premier liberal arts education.

Thank you for taking time to consider your gift to the College in honor of your reunion. We will see you on the Hill in October!

Reunion Campaign Progress
Latest Class Totals for Reunion Giving 2013 (updated as of September 15, 2014 )

Reunion Class Reunion Year FY of Giving Record Current Giving Giving Goal* % Participation Goal
1964 50th 2007-2008 $7,220 $10,000 50%
1969 45th 2004-2005 $66,081 $116,000 48%
1974 40th 2006-2007 $14,725 $116,000 42%
1979 35th 2007-2008 $17,355 $18,000 41%
1984 30th 2011-2012 $237,717 $117,000 42%
1989 25th 2003-2004 $12,000 $32,935 25%
1994 20th 2007-2008 $19,316 $66,000 22%
1999 15th 2011-2012 $11,779 $12,000 15%
2004 10th 2007-2008 $3,500 $2,825 15%
2009 5th 2010-2011 $1,537 $2,500 18%

*These goals have been set based on the highest giving amount received by your class year. Can you beat it? If your class beats its giving goal, you will receive special recognition at True Blue Weekend, October 3-5,  2014.

Reunion Giving Records (updated as of September 15, 2014) 

Reunion Year Record 
Class Fiscal
Class Fiscal
5th $18,205 2001 2005-2006 40.53% 1983 1987-1988
10th $13,805 1994 2003-2004 39.51% 1966 1975-1976
15th $17,537 1993 2007-2008 44.53% 1968 1982-1983
20th $238,911 1976 1995-1996 47.94% 1965 1984-1985
25th $86,410 1987 2011-2012 47.01% 1962 1986-1987
30th $119,220 1972 2001-2002 56.67% 1946 1975-1976
35th $91,349 1970 2004-2005 60.00% 1946 1980-1981
40th $80,115 1969 2008-2009 66.67% 1946 1985-1986
45th $80,869 1963 2007-2008 62.07% 1946 1990-1991
50th $519,042 1949 1998-1999 69.64% 1938 1987-1988
55th $82,444 1955 2009-2010 80.00% 1909 1963-1964
60th $82,804 1950 2009-2010 70.00% 1946 2005-2006
65th $30,113 1942 2006-2007 57.14% 1946 2010-2011
70th $3,535 1933 2002-2003 100% 1906 1975-1976
75th $1,300 1936 2010-2011 33.33% 1905 1979-1980

*Look at those numbers! If your class can beat the all-time giving record or the participation record for a Reunion Class, you will make it in the record books and receive special recognition at True Blue Weekend, October 3-5, 2014.

Gifts and pledges to all Hartwick College departments and programs during the fiscal year are recognized in the class total. Your gift will be counted in the class giving total, which is measured in two ways: total dollars contributed and class participation rate. These totals do not include estate gifts donated to Hartwick College.

Get involved!
Any class member can lead by example by making a leadership gift and serving as a Class Agent volunteer. Reconnect with classmates, reminisce about your Hartwick experience, and share why you support today's students. Experience the growing tradition of reunion volunteerism, rediscover Hartwick, and make a difference to your class and to the students who benefit from the Hartwick Fund. Learn more about Class Agent volunteer opportunities ...

Know the Facts.
95The percentage of Hartwick young alumni employed or in grad school within a year of graduation.