Dom Roberts '09

With three years of college credits already under her belt, Dom Roberts ’09 knew what she was looking for in a Nursing bachelor’s degree program. She found it in Hartwick’s Accelerated Summer Program, which allowed her to continue her education without having to start over from scratch. That, combined with January Term’s Transcultural Nursing course, meant Hartwick was the right fit.

“I hadn’t seen anything like that incorporated into the curriculum of another nursing program,” she says. “It’s a really unique experience to have as an undergraduate.”

Also on her list of pros: Hartwick’s small class sizes and personal attention.

“The other universities I’d attended were much larger, and it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd in a place like that,” she says. “Here, all my professors actually know my name. I feel that smaller class sizes enable me to get a lot more out of my education.”

Outside of her major, Roberts has taken advantage of Hartwick’s liberal arts education to study a broad variety of subjects that broaden her understanding of people and cultures, both qualities she says are important for those working in heathcare. She also is a John Christopher Hartwick Scholar, the highest honor the College bestows upon students.

“As a nurse, I’ll be encountering people with different backgrounds, different stories, and radically different life experiences from my own,” she says. “Having been exposed to this academically and having learned about things outside of my own experience has helped prepare me to better care for a diverse population of people.”

“The program here is very rigorous and definitely prepares you for the career ahead. The small size of the program enables the students here to have closer working relationships with their professors, get more individual attention, and enjoy working and learning opportunities that might not be available to undergraduates at a large university.”

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