Scholarship Stewardship


Congratulations on being the recipient of a named scholarship or award that was made possible by a donor (or several donors) to Hartwick College. The information you provide about yourself and your Hartwick experience will help donors understand the benefit of their support. The information will be compiled into a brief bio that will be shared with the donors of your named scholarship(s). Thank you for your assistance!

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Please complete the following sentences about yourself and your experience at Hartwick to the best of your ability. Please limit your responses to 100 words or less.

My Hartwick experience has been...

As a result of my scholarships/awards (please include benefits from ALL your named scholarships or awards, including J Term travel), I have been able to...

At Hartwick, I have learned to...

I would like the donors of my scholarship to know...

My postgraduate and occupational plans include...

My achievements and campus activities include...

I hereby give my permission for Hartwick College to use information from this profile in College publications in addition to the report to scholarship donors, to include, but not limited to, The Wick magazine and other outside correspondence: Yes No