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  • Hartwick students during study abroad
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Semester Long Study Abroad (SLSA)

Deadline to Apply to Hartwick for Semester Long Study Abroad for Spring Semester 2016: 
Thursday, October 1st. 

At Hartwick College, we recognize that we live in a global society that requires global skills to live and work in the 21st century. Hartwick strongly encourages students to seek opportunities to gain these important intercultural skills through their off-campus programs. Students can go overseas with a faculty member and group of students or can live and learn in another country on their own. For a month, semester, summer, or year, students have a full range of off-campus choices.

Through Hartwick’s many affiliations with other universities and study-abroad organizations, students can go almost anyplace on the globe for a semester or year and pay about the same as if they were still on campus. While abroad, students stay registered at Hartwick and pay their normal tuition and fees, keeping all need-based scholarships and financial aid. If room and board are included in the overseas program, Hartwick also will bill students for those at Hartwick prices. Then the College pays the cost of the off-campus program to the host institution.

Students can choose affiliated programs in more than 60 destinations worldwide! By working closely with their advisors beforehand, credits they earn overseas will count toward their degree and keep them on track for graduation. Many times, students can combine study abroad with opportunities for internships or community service or even individual research. In the widget below, you'll see links to affiliated programs offered through Hartwick. These programs are continually evaluated by Hartwick students. Check out the reviews at http://www.studyabroad101.com/programs.

Download the Hartwick application here.

 Hartwick’s affiliations include the following: