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Student Involvement

Experience Hartwick, get involved.

You’ll never find yourself watching paint dry at Hartwick (unless you’re in ARTistocracy Society). And the best way to keep your mind nimble is to give it fresh challenges and set aside time to relieve stress and have fun. If you’re an accounting major, check out some of our more artistic outlets (like the aforementioned art club). And if your major means you spend a lot of time cultivating your right brain, give your left a challenge in Chemistry Club.

Hartlink on-line is where our student clubs and organizations manage their membership, finances, events and service activities.

Our students have a knack for developing rich communities and traditions — we admire them for that.

OH Fest

OH Fest, established in spring 2006, is a joint effort between Hartwick, State University College at Oneonta, and the city of Oneonta to establish an all-encompassing community event. Headliner performances for the inaugural event this academic year (2013-2014) are TBA

Pine Lake Spring Weekend & 'Wick Wars

Hartwick Campus Activities Board (H-CAB) is Hartwick's student programming board. The elected executive board leads its members in choosing and implementing major events such as OH Fest, Spring Weekend & 'Wick Wars, and the Holiday Ball. The executive board consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairs for the following committees: Live Entertainment, Movies, Recreation and Leisure, and Traditions. Band nights, hypnotists, game shows, and other FUN events promote entertainment and community life. H-CAB also represents the students in meetings with our Trustees as well as at conferences such as the National Association of College Activities and The Association for College Unions - International. 

Student Senate is the elected student body government. Student Senate consists of both an Executive Board and Senators. Along with legislative responsibilities, Senate represents a united voice of the students, serving as a liaison between the student body and the administration.

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