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Technology at Hartwick

At Hartwick, technology is a tool to meld a liberal arts education with experiential learning. Technology is fully integrated into the daily life of the College--in the classrooms, in the library, and in the residence halls. As a result, you'll leave Hartwick prepared to use technology productively in your own professional and personal lives.

Hartwick is extensively networked. Every faculty member has a network connection in his or her office. Every student has an individual network connection in his or her residence hall room, with phone service, optional free voice mail, cable TV, and high-speed access to the Internet. Internet access (wired or wireless) is also available throughout buildings across the campus. More about the campus network …

Hartwick strongly recommends that students bring a laptop computer to campus. More about bringing a laptop to campus...

Faculty use technology in innovative and mind-expanding ways. Some examples of their innovations: a macroeconomics course that uses real-time economic data and state-of-the-art, industry-standard statistical software; a popular LEGO robotics course; and computer simulations in our virtual management program.

Professors use technology to connect with students outside of class. Many instructors post course information, deadlines, and additional background information on the D2L learning management system. Some utilize an on-line discussion board tool to extend and enhance classroom discussion. Instructors air supplemental videos on cable TV so that class time is spent with the professor. Some hold "virtual office hours" in the evening so that students can get quick answers to e-mail questions. In short, technology helps faculty keep in touch with students.

Students use technology to organize, meet, vote, play, and whatever they can think of. They use on-line organizations for club communications and vote for student leaders online. They use the technology-enhanced classrooms and break-out rooms for other student activities.

Help is available. Our Technology Resource Center is open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays for phone calls and walk-ins. We offer assistance for setting up a voicemail box or fixing data network and cable television problems. And we start you off with a technology orientation session.