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Transfer Credit

Transfer credit from nationally and regionally accredited colleges is given for courses substantially similar to those offered at Hartwick College, completed with a grade of C or higher, or the equivalent. A student may only transfer in 60 credits toward a Hartwick College degree with the exception of students enrolled in the Nursing Partnership Program (PNOP) who may transfer in up to 90. The final decision on whether or not to allow a course to transfer lies with the Registrar.

Hartwick accepts Mathematics credit for transfer courses below the pre-calculus level but does not count those courses (like algebra) toward the Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum. Hartwick does not count transfer courses towards the Writing Requirement (e.g. a Composition Course completed at another institution cannot be used to satisfy ENGL 110 Composition at Hartwick). Courses that are too technical in nature or too dissimilar from courses at Hartwick, like courses for Electrical Engineering or Microsoft Excel for Budgeting, are not eligible for transfer. As previously stated, courses must be similar to those offered at Hartwick to be eligible for transfer (see the College Catalog for information on current and past courses offered).

Hartwick College generally will honor the associate of arts or associate of science degree from accredited colleges by offering the equivalent of two years of credit. Associate degree candidates who are admitted must meet the Hartwick College graduation requirements; it is possible that this may take longer than two years in some cases. Hartwick has articulation and transfer agreements with several two-year colleges.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for evaluating all transfer credit for new and current students, and the final decision on whether or not to allow a course to transfer lies with the Registrar. Students should contact Matt Sanford, Registrar, for more information.

PNOP Students please click here for additional information regarding transfer of credit.

Courses Taken Elsewhere by Current Students

Any course a student wishes to transfer after he or she has matriculated must be approved by the Registrar. A course intended to count toward a declared major must also be approved by the Chair of the Department in which the credit will apply (these courses must also be approved by the Registrar, however). A course intended to count toward the Liberal Arts in Practice (LAiP) general education curriculum must be approved by the Registrar. Approval by a Department Chair is not required for LAiP courses.

Grades for courses taken elsewhere are included when determining a student's eligibility for honors at Commencement but are not posted on the transcript.

All requests for course approval must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar using the Non-Hartwick Course Approval form. This form is found here. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. After submission to the Office of the Registrar please allow a minimum of two business days for a decision.

Process for Requesting Transfer Credit Approval - Current Students

  1. Select courses that will transfer to your major, as LAiP requirements or as electives. Do so by finding courses that are similar to those offered at Hartwick.
  2. Obtain a Non-Hartwick Course Approval form (available online or in the Registrar's Office). Fill out the form completely and attach detailed course descriptions.
  3. Obtain signatures for courses in your major.
  4. Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office.
  5. Wait two business days for a decision. When you receive a copy of the approved form, check to see that ALL courses have been approved. If a course has not been approved, you will not receive credit for it.
  6. If a course you selected was not approved, select another and follow the steps above.

Transfer Credit Approval Process for New Students

New or incoming students must submit transcripts of courses completed, showing final grades, to the Office of Admissions. Once Admissions receives the transcripts they will be sent to a Transfer Credit Evaluator for review. The Transfer Credit Evaluator will determine which courses are eligible for transfer and contact you with a final transfer credit equivalency report showing how the transfer credit will apply to your Hartwick degree within five business days. The Transfer Credit Evaluator may contact you if he or she requires more information to determine how to apply specific courses to your degree program (this is usually accomplished by requesting a course description).