Hartwick College uses a printing technology called Uniprint. Uniprint allows the college to monitor printing, curb wasteful printing, and recoup the costs of toner and paper which are used to maintain the public facilities available to students. 

Each time a student prints to a public access printer, they are required to enter their network username and password. Uniprint reports the cost of the print job and requires them to click OK to print (or cancel if they don't want to).

Uniprint printers locations:

  • Clark Computer Lab (Clark 152)
  • Johnstone Computer Lab (JSC 225)
  • Stevens-German Library (4th floor)
  • Golisano (3rd floor)
  • Dewar (Stack Lounge)

Free printing for students: Each student has the following 'free printing' balance added to their Uniprint account:

  • 250 pages (each side equals one page) each fall term they are registered
  • 75 pages in J Term if registered
  • 250 pages in spring term if registered
  • 75 pages each summer if registered

Unused pages will roll over from term to term until a student graduates or withdraws. The dollar value of these free pages can be viewed as the Uniprint balance at https://eAcct-wickit-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts, along with the student's WICKit and Meal Plan balances. "Free prints" are not refundable.

Chargeable printing for students: After the free page count is exhausted, the charge for printing is as follows:

  • $0.03 (3 cents) per page for single-sided black and white printing
  • $0.20 (20 cents) per page for single- sided color printing (Yager Library Color Printer)
  • $0.03 (3 cents) for the first side and $.02 cents for the second side per page for black and white double-sided printing ( double-sided printing is available in Clark Lab, Johnstone Lab, Golisano, Dewar and Yager Library at identified printers)
  • $0.20 (20 cents) for the first side and $.16 cents for the second side per page for double-sided color printing (Yager Library Color Printer)

Charges are made to the student's WICKit card account. If there is no WICKit balance, the student will be unable to print after his/her free page count is exhausted. Students should be aware that clicking the print command multiple times results in multiple print jobs and therefore multiple charges. 

Printing From a Laptop or Smartphone (Downloadable instructions Here)

  • From your computer, send documents to print:
    • Email documents to print@hartwick.edu (within 1 minute, first time users will get a reply with a one-click registration)
    • OR Upload files at http://printcenter.hartwick.edu
  • Then print the job from the browser of any device that can log in to http://printcenter.hartwick.edu,  including a mobile phone. iPhone requires the free iOS mobile app. Android mobile app coming soon.

About the Pharos Print mobile app for iPhone/iPad (Android app coming soon):

  • iPhone requires the app to access printcenter.hartwick.edu
  • Search the app store for Pharos Print
  • When installing, provide the server name printcenter.hartwick.edu and port # 443
  • Log in once with your network username and password
  • Now use your phone's browser to go to printcenter.hartwick.edu, log in, configure, check pricing, and print

If you have questions about printing or charges, or need other assistance, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357 or technology@hartwick.edu.