Juliana Van de Krol '09

Juliana Van de Krol ’09 chose Hartwick College after her first visit for Nursing Day on Campus.

“I felt welcome and comfortable meeting with faculty and students,” she says. “When I was learning about Nursing at Hartwick, I was also excited to hear from the Nursing students about their experiences during January Term in Jamaica.”

The course, an opportunity for all Nursing majors, was everything Van de Krol was hoping to get out of her study abroad education.

“It was great to experience a new culture, and it brought our class close,” she says. “We also had a great opportunity to apply transcultural nursing care skills within the new culture that we grew to learn so much about.”

Closer to campus, clinical experiences exposed Van de Krol to a variety of fields in nursing, which broadened her knowledge of her major and helped her find which area she loved the most. During January Term of her senior year, Van de Krol interned in Sarasota, FL, working on a labor and delivery unit.

“Helping to bring babies into the world during that month was an incredible experience,” she says, “and something I aspire to do as a nurse some day.”

Outside of the classroom, Van de Krol is involved with the Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses, the Hartwick Choir, and College Democrats, and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau.

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