Katelyn Welch '15

Major/Minor: English and Museum Studies minor

Where are you from?
New Paltz, NY

Why did you choose Hartwick? When did you know Hartwick was for you?
I was looking for a small liberal arts school far enough away from home so I would not be going back every weekend but close enough where I could go home if wanted to. The campus was pretty and the class sizes where small.

What does "theory in practice" mean to you?
Hands on experiences that are not normally found until graduate school.

What are your classes like?
Most of my classes are small and discussion-based with intense conversations. The students have a strong relationship with the professor.

What organizations, teams and activities are you involved in?
I participate in theater and HOP - Hartwick Overnight Program. The HOP program is where prospective students have an opportunity to stay with a current student and attend classes and campus life actives to get a feel of what Hartwick has to offer.

How do you describe Hartwick to your friends back home?
It is a small campus with friendly people on a steep hill!

Where will you go from here/what's next for you?
I want to use my English degree, but right now I am trying to keep my options open until I find something I am very passionate about.

What is your favorite Hartwick experience?
My freshman year I got a lead in the play "The Imaginary Invalid."

Know the Facts.
11The number of years we’ve helped make Hartwick greener through our Academic Theme.