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WickWire, the Student Phonathon

Fulfill your WickWire pledge or make a gift online!

The WickWire student phonathon program provides a unique opportunity for students and alumni to connect, talk and learn. These students call alumni and parents to build relationships, keep people informed, and discuss the importance of supporting the Hartwick Fund.

When you take the time to speak with a WickWire Student Development Officer . . .

  • You will hear updates about the College and have the opportunity to ask questions and pass along comments.
  • Students will confirm or update your address, phone and e-mail information to ensure that you are receiving information from Hartwick.
  • You can pass along a message to a professor or enlist our help to get in touch with classmates you've lost track of.
  • You are offered the opportunity to support academic programs, athletics, scholarships and student activities through the Hartwick Fund. 


WickWire Team Photo 2013

WickWire Student Development Officers

Job Description

Apply here to join the WickWire Team!

Please contact Jessica DeRico '14, WickWire Phonathon Supervisor, at 607-431-4886 or dericoj@hartwick.edu with any questions.

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