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We know that campus improvements directly impact student experience. This is why we remain committed to investing in our facilities. From 2008-2017, Hartwick will have spent more than $57 million enhancing our campus.

Since 2014, Hartwick has invested $29 million in new construction, campus renovations, and improvements.

We started with the Anderson Center for the Arts: theatre renovations and new ventilation system for the ceramics studio; Binder Physical Education Center: new floor for main gym, team locker rooms, the James J. Elting Fitness Center expansion; Stack Lounge renovation and The William V. Campbell Fitness Center addition to Dewar Union, John Christopher’s Cafe in Yager Hall, Pine Lake improvements, and that was just the beginning!

See our progress and our investment come to fruition!

Naming Opportunities

Projects underway Spring 2017 include:

Thanks for your patience.

As construction and renovations continue, changes in traffic flow and parking availability on the Hartwick campus will be necessary. We will post logistical alerts on this webpage and the College’s social media channels.

Today’s Campus Alert

Questions about Hartwick’s campus improvements?

Contact Vice President for Finance Sydney R. Leo at


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