Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation

The hub for outside-the-box thinking and creative problem solving on campus is the Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation (GCCI) at Hartwick College.

The Center serves as an umbrella for three Innovation Stations:

  1. Hartwick’s Makerspace is located on the 4th floor of the Stevens-German Library.
  2. Hartwick’s Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) is located on the ground floor of Anderson Center for the Arts in the Art & Art History Department.
  3. Hartwick’s planned entrepreneurship hub (E-Hub) will be located on the second floor of Golisano.

All three platforms are part of the College’s overall strategy of further enhancing Hartwick’s very interdisciplinary approach to learning to make our students more marketable problem solvers in a tech savvy world. Students benefit by connecting what they are learning in the classroom with real needs in the community. The GCCI is an idea incubator and an instigator of innovative approaches to academic coursework both for credit and not for credit.

Sally Griffiths Herbert ’88 and Tim Herbert provided the backbone of support for the GCCI, named in honor of her father, with a $1.25 million gift to the College. Hartwick will soon move forward to hire a director of innovation to oversee programming at the Center.

The Makerspace

The Makerspace is an open format collaborative workspace for students, faculty, and invited guests to brainstorm, create, learn, and develop ideas. Its design fosters creativity and collaboration, with whiteboards and modular furniture that give students a setting reflective of a professional and integrative work environment.

Visits from outside experts and practitioners, including distinguished alumni and off-campus leaders, are commonplace. The October 2018 Nursing Symposium was co-sponsored by the Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation and the Department of Nursing.

Fab Lab

The Fabrication Lab, “Fab Lab,” is a cross-disciplinary space dedicated to providing both 2D and 3D digital technologies which allow our students to create anything from prototypes of product ideas to traditional art.

Equipment in Use by Hartwick Faculty and Students:

  • Glowforge Laser Cutter 
  • X-Carve C-N-C Router
  • Three Makerbot 3D Printers
  • Large Format Ceramic 3D Printer
  • Canon Wide Format Inkjet Printer 
  • American Cutter 24” Vinyl Cutter


The E-Hub will be where great minds from all academic areas of study come together to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The collaborative synergy generated in the E-Hub, through creative and design thinking for idea generation and problem solving, will demonstrate what Hartwick does best: hands-on, interdisciplinary learning.

The E-Hub will:

  • provide opportunities for students from various academic disciplines to explore the process of ideation and innovation;
  • connect with and support the larger community of entrepreneurs in the region and beyond;
  • immerse students in the lived experience of successful entrepreneurs:
  • foster entrepreneurship across the curriculum;
  • nurture the entrepreneurial ideas born of this process.




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