Controlled Move-Out FAQ

April 24, 2020 03:45 p.m.

Controlled Move-Out Procedure FAQ

This document will continue to be updated as we come across more questions being commonly asked, be sure to check back!

Q: When will we know if we can definitely return to campus to collect our belongings?
A: Students are signing up to begin to return to campus on May 16 which assumes the NY State on Pause policy is relaxed. If this policy is not relaxed, you will be notified as soon as possible that coming to campus to pack and retrieve your belongings is no longer possible. Belongings will then be packed and stored to allow for sanitizing, cleaning, and maintenance performed to prepare for the fall semester. Students will be notified when they can sign up for a time to retrieve their belongings.

Q: Why are you limiting this to only one student (and potentially one assistant) per residence hall, per two hour shift?
A: Because of the continued potential for the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, the restriction on the number of individuals allowed into the residence halls will help to reduce the risk of transferring the virus to others.

Q: What if I need additional boxes to pack my belongings?
A: There will be additional boxes and tape available on the first floor of each residence hall. Signs will direct you.

Q: What if something happens and I can’t make it to campus during my scheduled packing time?
A: You should call Campus Safety dispatch as soon as you know that you will be unable to arrive during your scheduled time. The number is 607-431-4111. The individual on duty will advise the building manager in your residence hall. You will need to go to the electronic sign-up sheet to find another time to come to campus.

Do NOT come to Hartwick College if you are unable to move out during your scheduled time, or to wait and see if you can take the place of someone who is unable to move out during their scheduled time. Only one person per residence hall is allowed on campus during the two hour move out time slot. There will be no exceptions.

Q: Will handcarts be available in the building to help me move my belongings to the elevator?
A: Hilltop House, Oyaron House, the Apartments Community, and Wilder Hall will have a handcart available to assist students with removing their belongings from the building.

Q: I live far away from Hartwick and cannot come to campus to collect my belongings?
A: We are happy to store your items in a secured location on campus at no additional cost, until you return for the fall 2020 semester. If you would prefer to have your belongings shipped to you at your expense, we are happy to work with you to facilitate this request.

Q: I lived in the Townhouses or the Apartments, and my belongings have already been packed in order to create space for a First Responder. How do I get my belongings?
A: We will work with you to collect your belongings from the location on campus where they have been stored. You will need to sign up via the link in the email you received in order to do this.

Q: My sibling also attends Hartwick. Can we come together to move our belongings out of the residence halls?
A: Each sibling must sign up separately to move out of their respective residence hall. We will work with you and your family as needed.

Q: Can we go to our favorite restaurant/store in Oneonta when we return to pack up our belongings?
A: Currently, Oneonta is not open for business. Essential businesses, such as gas stations, are still open, but locations such as restaurants or small businesses are closed. You should plan on returning to campus and then leaving immediately for home after you finish packing your belongings.

Q: Can I visit other buildings on campus?
A: No. You can only enter your residence hall. You must depart from campus immediately after you complete moving out of your room.

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